Fall Greetings

Welcome to fall greetings on bekitschig blog!

Guest photo Halloween Flamingos

Halloween Flamingos
Leaves in all colors Fall greetings Potsdam
Fall Leaves

A Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday? I am so far behind on things, it’s not even funny. Not that it was for nothing. Hey, I survived two writing classes this fall and surviving is exactly the right word …

Feenwald Saalfeld Fall Greetings Fairy Door
Fairy Door, Saalfeld

The feelings you feel when you try to write good are kinda like meh.

You can quote me on that.

Schlosspark Sanssouci Potsdam Fall Colors
Autumn Colors, Park Sansouci, Potsdam
Fall Greetings Schlosspark Potsdam bekitschig blog
Park Sansouci, Potsdam

At least, we’ve got to go outside a bit (while we still can) and there are plenty of photos to share with you from our little trips.

Zombie Gnome Halloween decoration balcony
Zombie Gnome

The wonderful Vintage Toy Advertiser convinced me to do some Halloween decoration on the balcony. Turned out a bit scarce, but hey, this is how things roll here at the moment …

My dear friend C.H. spotted a Kitsch Truck and send it to me. You know, two starts a collection …

Fall greetings Halloween Flamingoes bekitschig blog
Halloween Flamingos
Black Happy Halloween Squirrel Linda Schaub
Spooky Squirrel

It is really rather wonderful, when your friends think of you. The amazing Halloween flamingos and the evil little squirrel have been sent to me by Linda. Check out her blog over at lindaschaubblog for much better fall photos! When things get hectic, pause and find the love.

Enjoy your last sunny days!

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18 thoughts on “Fall Greetings

    1. It is in a beautiful fairy garden. The fairies there were friendly creatures, if you can shrink a bit maybe they’ll let you stay?

      1. I have a blogger friend, Janet Sunderland, who was the main actress in “Honey I shrunk the kids”. Maybe she still has the recipe?

  1. Thanks Jeanine – I see you put the two flamingos and spooky squirrel to good use and also gave my blog a shout out. Thank you for that! I also am behind in Reader … I have not caught up this entire month. I will keep my eyes peeled for other fun and kitschy stuff to send to you. I saw one of those little fairy doors years ago on one of my walks. First time to see that and then at the Botanical Gardens they had a group of fairy houses. I like Autumn – it’s my favorite season and your leaves are beautiful there and especially the reflection on the water. We just passed peak color and had a horrific storm tonight so likely the leaves have likely blown to Detroit!

    1. Hi Kiki, that is so nice, thank you! On WhatsApp hey offen turn out too small please try bekitschig at gmx de and I’m happy to connect any other way, too. Have a nice weekend! Verregnete Grüße aus Berlin

      1. Die Hochzeit haben wir vor 1 Woche erst einmal abgesagt, bei der kontinuierlichen Verordnungswut des Berliner Senats lässt sich wirklich rein gar nichts mehr planen. Verwandte aus Bayern wollten zudem auch nicht kommen, daher hoffen wir jetzt einfach auf eindeutig bessere Zeiten im nächsten Jahr. Geplante Flitterwoche machen wir jedoch trotzdem, dann aber halt als Flatterwoche in Thüringen, da droht jetzt wenigstens kein Rausschmiss

      2. Ach Mensch, wie Schade, aber auf jeden Fall fröhliche Flatterwochen! Thüringen ist doch ein tolles Ziel und nach all den Jahren könnt ihr vielleicht noch ein paar Monate warten, dann kriegt ihr die Hochzeit, die ihr verdient! Schönes Flattern ihr Lieben x

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