Weekend Movie – Expecting Mary

Trailer Park Kitsch for Christmas

16 year old Mary (Olesya Rulin) is pregnant and ran away from home. On the road, she hitches a ride with Horace Weitzel (Elliott Gould), an elderly truck driver who really loves Polka. Mary’s journey takes her to the Kaiyute Casino, where she enjoys the Christmas revue; including bad Elvis impersonator and elderly showgirls with light-up Christmas tree hats. This party comes to a halt abruptly, when Horace drops dead, just after he won the jackpot at a machine.

The showgirls offer to help and Mary is able to spend the night at the trailer park with Darnella (Linda Gray). The red head leaves up her Christmas decorations all year and walks the pig of her neighbor Annie (Cloris Leachman). Said neighbor by the way lives in a pink trailer that looks like a pig. After attending the Jewish Polka funeral, Mary continues her trip and visits her dad (Gene Simmons). Surprised Taylor is a not-so-famous-anymore rock star and had his summer planned differently.

Taylor: Oh… My God … Mary. You look so much older than in the last picture. And so much more preggos.

Mary: Mum didn’t tell you?

Taylor: No. No. Dude. Dude, you’re preggos.

Mary: Dude.

He is not much help and she cannot imagine going back to her boarding school life, so Mary returns to the trailer park in New Mexico. Just when the Christmas party unites the community, Mary’s dignified parents arrive (in a yellow beetle rental car that is decorated as a rain deer) and worlds collide.

Needless to say, Mary will now have her baby. In front of a church, in the middle of all decorations, crib and everything… What will happen to Mary’s baby?


Expecting Mary is an absolute gem for the lovers of quirky movies. It is heart-warmingly kitschy and by doing the right thing, many characters will find a very happy ending.

Why we love it: this is a feast for the eyes.

Recommended for: if you liked all the colors of Strictly Ballroom, this one is for you.


Christmas Comedy Drama
Written and Directed by Dan Gordon


Olesya Rulin (Mary)
Elliott Gould (Horace Weitzel)
Linda Gray (Darnella)
Lainie Kazan (Lillian Littlefeather)
Cloris Leachman (Annie)
Della Reese (Doris Dorkus)
Cybill Shepherd (Meg)
Gene Simmons (Taylor)

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