Australia’s One and Only Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf is situated in Harbor Town; a tourist trap you could not have built better in Sim City Societies. A quick tram trip from Melbourne Central will take you to shopping heaven. Outlet shopping is paired with Star Observation, Lasertag and rides on the Ferris wheel. It is very hard to get out of there. When in Melbourne with your family, plan a whole day for this visit.

Unfortunately, when you take photos at Glow in the Dark Mini Golf it looks something like this.

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The photos of the funny signs in the entrance will have to do. At least I don’t seem to be the only one who can suffer mini golf related stress. Occasionally.

The inside is Australian themed; including an Outback dunny and a bit of potty humor. It is not incredibly spacious, so maybe schedule your visit for a weekday. The staff is really nice and the course is fairly easy to play and will be fun for the whole family. It could do with a bit more glow-in-the-darkness but overall, it was a really fun trip.

Pro Tip: When stuck in Harbor Town, make sure to bring your wallet…

Happy traveling.

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