Döner macht Schöner

Döner to Berlin is like Curry Wurst or Vietnamese Food. Let’s shape some meat like the TV Tower.

This photo has been taken at Rosenthaler Grill in Berlin, right across the David Hasselhoff Museum. The lighting makes this really hard and some of the nice Döner guys even gave it a shot, too. It’s nearly impossible to take a good picture of the Döner Tower. By the way, this is not a photoshop job and I even know which guy did it. Fun with meat. Always lovely to visit the old hood.

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As a side note, I’ve read some pretty bad reviews about our favourite Döner place today. None of the points mentioned, I’ve ever encountered in over 15 years. Sometimes, only sometimes, it may have something to do with the way you approach people?!?

We’ve had a rather bad review at one of my workplaces recently and it is nice that people have the opportunity to speak their minds online. However, just because you had a bad day (or you are a royal bitch) does not mean you need to bring down everyone with you. The internet has a pretty long memory.

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