Self Portraits

A collection of involuntary self portraits

Photography is an art for the patient …

self portrait with garden gnome lamp berlin be kitschig blog

Gnome Lamp, Berlin

#Hahndorf #SA Australia ferry garden gnomes be kitschig blog

Whishing well in magical Garden in Hanhndorf, Australia

#Australia stick family car sticker tacky kitsch be kitschig blog

Stick Family

art has lost its anger #kitsch anon Australia be kitschig blog

Kitsch window display at antique shop somewhere in the Outback

Foto gegen Scheibe be kitschig Berlin fotografie photography  A collection of involuntary self portraits

After the party is before the party

William Shatner Autograph be kitschig blog ComiCon

William Shatner and my first Comic-Con, Adelaide, Australia

garden gnome museum in thuringia Germany birthplace of the gnome A collection of involuntary self portraits

One of many involuntary self portraits at the Garden Gnome Museum  Gräfenroda, Thuringia

involuntary art be kitschig blog berlin

Waving Madonna with silver background… People get creative living on the ground floor in Berlin. Maybe the worst one yet.

Lesson #1 Don’t stand right in front of shiny surfaces

What is the artist saying?

Photo Lessons for Dummies

Postcards from the Garden Gnome Museum

Popeye Village Malta

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13 thoughts on “Self Portraits

  1. Oh I like these. It’s like photos that show a ghost you didn’t see when taking the photo. There you are: captured. What bits I see I like very much, from the red nail polish on an index finger to the strange swollen hands and camera lense effect on ‘Wish U Well.’ The distortion there around the screws is quite interesting.

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