A Time for Masks?

Why are people wearing masks?

street art from Beelitz-Heilstätten
abandoned hospital - bekitschig.blog

The last weeks turned into some of the strangest of my life, occasionally bordering on stranger. Yet, I finally found the courage to stand up for myself and I will live with the consequences.

masks - amazing street art mural at abandoned hospital in Beelitz - bekitschig blog

While masks are kinda en vogue these days, and somewhat necessary, honesty is still pretty good style. You have the right to say no, always. Stick to your gut feeling (which I didn’t). But when things get messy, you still have the right to simply say no.

street art from Beelitz-Heilstätten
abandoned hospital - bekitschig.blog

By the way, this mesmerizing street art is from a recent trip to an abandoned hospital complex. With odd feelings like this, it was the perfect place to go! There will be pictures, of course, but until then, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do …

(I would’ve said take care of(f) but we’re not gonna finish a sentence with a preposition! If only I had said no earlier …)

street art from Beelitz-Heilstätten
abandoned hospital - bekitschig.blog

Stand up for yourself! You are as strong as your decisions.

In case of need, repeat after me: NO. That simple.

Be nice – be green – be kitschig.

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21 thoughts on “A Time for Masks?

  1. Very creepy and atmospheric street art. It looks like it would gradually appear as you move around the space. I hope the consequences of your unmasking are all positive.

  2. Intriguing! Love the artwork, and all the more intense knowing it’s in an ex hospital.
    The boots placed on the steps add to the abandoned and haunted vibe.

  3. Wearing a mask seems to be the sensible thing. Far too many people say they’re vaccinated but they just don’t want to have to wear a mask. It’s a small thing to stay safe and to keep others safe.

    1. Well, in that sense of course they are a good thing! — My ramblings got a bit multidimensional here 🙂 Even if people are vaccinated, they can still get infected/spread. Put it on and move on with life … But there are so many weirdos that seem to disagree. Every country seems to have them.

      1. That building behind her in the photo where someone is taking a selfie with her is magical. 😍And ‘Überschwänglich’ – what a wonderful word! I saw a great photo of a young Angela Merkel visiting some fishermen last week, too.

      2. Yeah, they start digging up all sorts here — the epic eye roll at Putin, the bye-bye wave to some pandas, and OF COURSE that odd photo were she rests her hands strongly on a table while Trump is sitting like a little boy in front of her. BBC & Co are starting to run stuff in English. It’s weirs, not my party but she certainly grea on me over the years!

  4. Very apropos art for an abandoned hospital. I’m still wearing my mask when I go out. I don’t want to end up being a patient of the doctor in in the photo. 😉

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