Schlager Sunday – There Must Be an Angel

Welcome to Schlager Sunday on! Let’s give it up for Eurythmics today with their hit song There Must Be an Angel. Originally chosen for the over the top super kitsch video (damn, they knew how to do that in the 90s), looking at The Election, we could do with an orchestra of angels right now.

There Must Be an Angel was written by Annie Lennox and David Allan Stewart. We also know that duo as Eurythmics. They played in The Catch, which evolved into The Tourists and eventually formed their own project, believing fixed line-ups hinder creativity. While their romantic relationship didn’t survive, the band played for a decade and still go on tour here and there. Now, if you watch the second video you will be in awe how well this lady can sing still and the crowd of people who seem strangely close together …

There are a few cover versions, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include them here. There is a pretty fab one by Kylie Minogue live at Aphrodite: Les Folies (with a pretty hot angel) and … well … there’s also the No Angels but this German girl band is so bad even I don’t wanna go there …

So let’s just give Annie the time she deserves.

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Have a nice Sunday! Do something fun.

Picture by Oberholster Venita on Pixabay

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21 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – There Must Be an Angel

  1. Always loved this song (and the video is so much fun). Such a pefect duo, voice and music.
    I still get the chills whenever I hear Love is a Stranger (and the video to that’s cool too – Annie absolutely rocks that black goth wig and catsuit! and her little robot moves at the end. Too cool).

  2. The second video and the pairing with Pavarotti made me think of the Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy” with David Bowie and Bing Crosby … an unlikely pairing to be sure!

  3. Made me smile…. Thought it great how Annie really moved with the lyrics and Pavarotti was completely ‘unmoved’ by the words…

  4. I heard Eurythmics 100 times in club „Wabe“ and later „Rosengarten“ on Mondays, but I never saw this blonde curly angel there (minute 1:14) 😉

    1. There is a lot to discover in this video … Growing up I was always a bit scared of Eurythmics but I’m okay now 😉

  5. Hope your day is going well. I rested today and watched a tv show – something I hadn’t done in a while. I screamed a lot, so it was fun. I love that Eurythmics song. 😇🧡🧡

      1. WordPress has struck again. But it’s no match for kitschig. Thanks a lot, I’m much better. Big hugs for the day ❤️🧡💕👏🏽👏🏽

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