Turned into Kitsch

Before we are forgotten, we will be turned into kitsch. Kitsch is the stopover between being and oblivion.

Milan Kundera

Bekitschig.blog Kundera quote Before we are forgotten, we will be turned into kitsch. Kitsch is the stopover between being and oblivion.

I really hope you do enjoy your week! It is the first week of the New Year and the 2nd of January 2021 did not lead to Armageddon. Hurray!

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14 thoughts on “Turned into Kitsch

  1. Well, 2020 was definitely a “kitsch”, tragic year. My best wishes for 2021.
    (I hear the garden gnomes have danced all night on the 31st… could it be a good sign?)
    🙏🏻 (Sawadee kraap)

    1. Thank you Brian! I hope you had a nice start to your year. It has to be a good sign; these guys are much smarter than we are…
      We’re back to home schooling so not much change yet but I do have faith in the gnomes 😉

      1. We are proud elementary school parents 😉 My math skills aren’t enough for third grade 😉 First lockdown I called it homeschooling hell. This time around we have a different teacher and it is a lot less frustrating. It’s really hard to get stuff done with work and all … but it’s nice to spend a lot of time together.
        The lockdown rules in Berlin will be even stricter in a few days. You are only allowed to meet with one other person and kids count as people too now. At the same time they want to send kids back to school. It sounds like a crackpot idea to me …

      2. They’re all crazy. POliticos anywhere. Incompetent. I get news from everywhere. It is crazy.
        So you have your kids at home doing remote schooling? Did I understand correctly?
        Last term we had our grandson (4) here twice a week to help with on-line schooling at the French Lycée. Imagine learning to read and write on-line. But since my wife is working remote and I’m retired it’s realtively easy. But still, it takes a lot of concentration on the kids. and a lot of work for the teacher.
        Now to have your kids at home all day must be taxing too. They need to be out. Be with other children…
        So if you have two kids, you’re “over budget” for one? 😉
        Crazy, crazy…
        Stay safe. (And sane)

      3. Sorry, I’m late too now 🙂 We’ve been really good and what they call a one friend family. Now we can look after one kid but the parents aren’t allowed in our place anymore. Makes you bonkers because we adhere to the rules while others … “§/&%$??? We’re proud owners of a brand new printer and we do go to the park to feed squirrels … Oh, what an exiting life!
        Stay safe & sane xox

  2. I like some of kundera’s work. Not convinced of this quote though (as you knew I would – or wouldn’t?!)

    1. Hey Kiki, it is really good to read The Unberable Lightness of Being as a whole rather than picking bits from it here and there … It is worth it.
      I do a quote on kitsch once a month and the problem is, it has to fit on a very tiny space, which cancelles out many options. I really, really wanna show more than tell and give people a choice to make up their own mind.

      No gnomes, no Kundera, thanks for still sticking around! xxxox

      1. Na, I did like the unbearable lightness but I don’t like everything. And I most definitely not drop you, don’t fear… you need a bit of gentle teasing!

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