Kitsch should speak to all

Kitsch should speak the most common language understandable to all. It shouldn’t venture into esoteric jargons (like cubism) or idiosyncratic dialects (as in Jackson Pollock’s biomorphic period). Kitsch artists never have to explain how their pictures should be looked at, what categories and concepts are relevant for their comprehension. Kitsch cannot afford to be, and hence never is, confusing.

Tomáš Kulka

From Kitsch and Art

bekitschig blog Kitsch should sspeak the most common language understandable to all Tomas Kulka

While I think kitsch should speak to all of you, maybe some think, kitsch shouldn’t speak at all?!?

What do you think?

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. Have a great start to your week!

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Picture by Melk Hagelslag on Pixabay

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20 thoughts on “Kitsch should speak to all

  1. well now, there’s an idea: Kitsch shouldn’t speak at all!!!! YEP It.Just.Is….

    Thought of you when we drove through Zweisimmen on Saturday, on our way to a micro break. Passed along that truly terrible, overstuffed, Kitsch-as-kitsch-can garden. It didn’t look better with the dirty snow patches amongst them…. 😉

    Love, as always!!!

    1. Ha ha, oh you …
      Du Arme. Zum Glück hast du das gut überstanden! Bei anderen hätte ich mir ein Foto gewünscht! Hoffentlich hattest du keine schlechten Träume danach … x

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