Are Blogs Museums?

Are blogs museums? Berlin
Gesichtsmaske Behelfsmaske face mask Berlin
Are blogs museums? Berlin
Gesichtsmaske Behelfsmaske face mask Berlin

Museums are democratising, inclusive and polyphonic spaces for critical dialogue about the pasts and the futures. Acknowledging and addressing the conflicts and challenges of the present, they hold artefacts and specimens in trust for society, safeguard diverse memories for future generations and guarantee equal rights and equal access to heritage for all people. Museums are not for profit. They are participatory and transparent, and work in active partnership with and for diverse communities to collect, preserve, research, interpret, exhibit, and enhance understandings of the world, aiming to contribute to human dignity and social justice, global equality and planetary wellbeing.

(International Council of Museums)

Are blogs museums? Berlin
Gesichtsmaske Behelfsmaske face mask Berlin
Are blogs museums? Berlin

I’m attending a writing class at the moment and am lacking a bit of time to be around here as much as I would like to but the first class was so much fun that I just had to book a second one. It is really time for some new input and a change of scenery!

Even if your blog is not political, chances are, you’ve said a thing or two about Trump or Corona or Megxit. Maybe you shared your mourning or mental health issues. What makes you pick your photos, recipes or stories? This is what makes me wonder, if our blogs are museums. Our posts are always influenced by the things that go on in our lives or the world. I find it a lot more interesting how people are dealing with this crazy year than watching statistics on the news and this makes our blogs strangely relevant in a bigger context. If you don’t blog for money, you have an authenticity that is nonpareil.

Happy blogging!

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36 thoughts on “Are Blogs Museums?

    1. I totally agree with you on your blog! A collection of fragments worth studying closely! — I always thought my blog is more a scrapbook but looking at the David Hasselhoff Museum that is really a basement with 10 things to look at, we’re really not doing that badly 😉 Curator – Wordsmith – Blogger

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am not happy that I don’t have enough time right now but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna call it all quits… It’s been a crazy year and our connections here really make it easier!

  1. They are museums of sorts. A museum “á la Magritte” maybe, where we store and display our thoughts, memories, what we see or understand, or believe… A very good definition meine Freundin.

  2. Die Ruinen sind mein ganz persönliches Museum, selbst Wandbilder dort überall zu finden. Nur müssen die Sprayer immer ihre Spraydosen, Pizzakartona und Coladosen liegen lassen egal wo?

    1. Ach Ulli, du triffst es immer auf den Punkt! Die Welt wird wohl nicht besser. Wie wir in ihr leben liegt ja aber immer noch an uns. Auf die Pizzakartonwegräumer!

      1. In Berlin VEB Kühlomat ehem. Flugplatz Johannisthal diesbezüglich immer noch ungeschlagen meiner Meinung nach, wer weiss aber schon, wie lange es diese Ruinen noch gibt?!

  3. You make a valid point Jeanine … people here mark a new decade by stuffing current pop culture items into a time capsule with a note identifying everything, then burying it. A lot of that was happening just before Y2K … we didn’t know what would happen when the clocks turned to the year 2000. I think our blogs make a better museum than a time capsule as we show the pictures and stories and our feelings as we trudge through endless days which seem the same. Don’t forget all the memes on social media about social distancing, lack of toilet paper and gaining weight (for us it’s the Quarantine 15 as we measure in pounds) that have ended up in people’s blog posts. I’ve alluded to Trump several times but because I am not American, I don’t come right out and criticize him on my blog. I wrote back in April about my fears of walking in the park, even with a mask, then deciding to walk but leave behind the camera. I gave in finally and took the camera on a beautiful Spring day (May 1st) and as I exited the Park, the police were there to lock down the Park because someone had a get together and weren’t social distancing. So, we could not access the Park for a month. (I went down 2-3 times a week and took peanuts to the squirrels, making deposits on the picnic table under the pavilion rather than the path and they saw me so came running over – one time some fireman were there and I told them what I was doing and didn’t hide it but I didn’t want a ticket for violating the Order.)

    1. Even if you were not born in the US you are still entitled to an opinion! Maybe even more so, if you cannot vote …

      Corona kilos? Ha ha, now there is an excuse 😉 And why can’t you guys do metric?

      Memes were a good point, too. Since I don’t really spend time on Facebook I may miss out on heaps but some of them are pretty funny!
      — I went to take some street art photos early this year and dressed in my jogging pants; just in case. It is a strange year.
      — I thought of you today. We have these super red squirrels in the yard. I should prepare some treats for them, shouldn’t I?

      1. I am still seeing a lot of Coronavirus memes on Twitter, Facebook not so much, but I get them from friends and one client who circulate funny e-mails with memes. They are funny … they started with the toilet paper shortage and we have a ton of political memes about COVID and Trump. Then we got and still get the Quarantine-15 memes – a ton of them. So 15 pounds = 6 kilos. They say people were in lockdown and did nothing but eat and got fat.

        I don’t know why we are not on the metric system. When I lived in Canada it had not gone to metric – it was in 1970, four years after we moved here. I think we may be the only ones not on the metric system (it figures).

  4. Thank God that I still managed to write on this Blog…and Blog is purely out of inspirational Hobby…I wish I could earn from it..maybe 1Euro per view ? …kidding…:-) Then I could buy more masks!

    I tried to stay away from political, religious or even very sensitive topics.For example, everytime I look at the news from Philippines, I just feel sad and hopeless, because the government is making it even harder for lives of millions of people there, amidst this Pandemic…and in the US:::i just can´t have the ebnergy to comment.
    It is a sad year…let alone full of troubles and we still have a quarter to battle, it doesn´t end yet.

    Maybe my Blog is a Museum, a museum of recollected thoughts an Expat that is trying to survive and staying positive at all cost.

    Those masks all over the street…yes, typically 2020!

    1. Ha ha, a whole Euro? Isn’t it more like 0.1 Cent? 😉 Maybe we are little time capsules or still lives but at least we are here and doing something! There is a street artist from the Phillippins here in a Berlin and he regularly puts out comment on your country. Check out emi freethinker on ym blog if you like but it seems you are somewhat left alone … Stay positive!

  5. Great post – Thank you for the thought. ……and pictures. Can’t say I like them… but they are reality.. and did get my reaction, so another piece of great art by you!

    1. Thank you Wibi, that’s too kind. Maybe the idea was good but the excecution a bit hasty but that in itself proves the point, as I don’t have much time this month … Always lovely to see you! Hope all is well

      1. Thank you! It is so much fun to have input and feedback from the class! My homework for next week is only using 1 or 2 sylable words … does your head in! 😉

  6. Great post, BK. Yes, I see blogs like museums. I love the statement from the International Council of Museums you quoted, and without trying to sound bloated this is what I aim for on my own blog: a dedicated archive with more than 4k images of pop culture interest from my own collection, free to see, free of advertising (I pay to keep it ad-free) and free of sponsors.

    And there are many blogs that do this, yourself included, to however small or large degree.

    I do digress sometimes into world issues like the pandemic, and poems and micro stories, but mostly I’m a crusty old archive 🙂

    Good to show those discarded masks as you did – as they are a reality now – lifesaving yet ugly when left in the street.

    PS. your dedicated beer is here: scroll down, can’t miss it, a gnome riding a…

  7. Hi Jeanine – I just sent you two pictures on your Facebook page … maybe better than Halloween candy, they are orange and black, kitschy but cute … well not so much. 🙂

      1. Hi Linda, that sounds super fab! But if you like, make it a guest post! One hand washes another, or so they say. Would you be interested in a kitschy post?

      2. I can do that if you’d like Jeanine or I was even thinking I’d send it to you if you wanted to use it on your blog. That squirrel looks a little devilish with those eyes!

  8. You are definitely onto something.
    I believe my blog may well become some form of social commentary and/ or personal history in the distant future. At least my great-grandchildren will have a way of “meeting” me (us) in our present life… time travel it may be for them… that’s if we survive next year, that is!! 😁😁😁

    1. It’s a nice thought that you are blogging for your great-grandhildren as well. It is like a diary of some sort, capturing the current Zeitgeist. Many of us may not do it intentionally but there is social commentary in what we do. — Fingers crossed we will! 😉

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