Vision without Action

Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.

This Japanese proverb is sometimes attributed to Soichiro Honda.

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12 thoughts on “Vision without Action

  1. In 1984 I initiated a mail-art project with the title VISIONS OF AN IMAGINARY SPARTAKIADE AT THE NORTHPOLE. Nearly 150 artists from all over the world contributed to it visions on postcards also from the communist world incl. East-Berlin or Warsaw. Do you mean an action like this? The old way of blogging and funny networking 🙂

    1. That sounds like a great project! Mail Art is a bit like blogging, with a crazy time delay… In current times this proverb seems to be fitting a lot of things. For me right now, it’s a project that doesn’t seem to want to come to life. Sigh

      1. It is like streetart but happening in your postbox, amazing daily art. There are still a lot of people doing it, but you find their projects mostly on blogspot, not here. I still use this sometimes but only in a personal frame for friends. Colour in life so important 🙂

      2. It looks a wee bit old fashioned, but I really do like it. I’ve read it a while ago but it’s different in perspective. It reminds me of the good old Zine time. Funny how our blogs are tiny museums. Who knows, some blogs might end up in museums later; in new formats?!?

      3. SO36 in Kreuzberg did already exist in 1981 with punk music today the nephew of my wife stands on stage sometimes, a German rapper named Fattoni. Hopefully such places will survive these very difficult times!

      4. Wow, I’ll so look him up! Seems like the old Coloseum cinema in Prenzlauer Berg is not gonna make it 🙁

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