Schlager Sunday – Cruel Summer

Welcome to Cruel Summer, the Schlager Sunday for today. The song featured in Karate Kid and was the breakthrough for Bananarama in the USA.

(Who on earth came up with the story for this video?)

While the blogging sphere is sharing their experiences of getting a Covid vaccine, Germany royally stuffed this up and I cannot help but wonder, what our summer is going to look like. We watch the numbers rising but many people seem more concerned with figuring out how to get to Mallorca & Co.

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Is German efficiency nothing but a myth?

Is it going to be a cruel summer?

Can Gotham be saved?

Have a great start to your week! Stay healthy, happy and sane.

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Picture by Oberholster Venita on Pixabay

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26 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Cruel Summer

  1. Classic song! Love it…this gives me a summery feeling. Even though in New Zealand right now we are in the depths of winter

    1. New Zealand seems like the place to be! Don’t worry, your winter won’t last long. Here it seems like 8 months of the year! – Enjoy the quiet time 🙂

  2. I hope the situation improves there quickly. Here in the UK the government have finally got something right, but they desperately needed to. We’re all hoping the vaccination programme works. Time will tell. Just hoping folk stick to the guidelines. Stay safe & well.

    1. Thank you. You too! Here people are becoming so tired of sticking to the rules. While we cannot go anywhere, kids have to go back to school. It’s all a bit t hard to understand. Hopefully with summer numbers are gonna go down at least for a while.

      1. Yes, it’s very much the same here. A test of everyone’s patience and endurance. We’re still under a ‘stay at home order’ until the end of this month. Here’s hoping to things improving across the globe.

    1. Not to paint it too black … I hope we all get to go out in summer like last year! But I’m afraid come fall it will be mostly back to this.

    1. That is our live these days … To be fair, Germany produces and shares … This is an ethical decision, which is fantastic, not many countries share but it leaves us all a bit … meh ….

  3. I can imagine the pitch for this video: “Your budget is $10? Fine. First you’ll dance like no one is watching. Wear something comfortable. Then you’ll steal a Mack truck, eat bananas—get it, Bananarama—and throw banana peels at the cops who are chasing you. When the cops catch you, charm them with your dancing.”

  4. Count 🇨🇭 in too….. might well die of old age before seeing a vaccine nearby! But I am not worried about it- I like living a full (dangerous) life! 😉✌🏻😷💫

    1. It is all a bit confusing these days. Kids are back here in elementary school and the senate just noticed, maybe it would be wise to move teachers up to get a shot … Sounds like an idea?!?

      1. So true! One can’t think about this all day long. Mostly, I’m OK, just here and there you have a day when you get a bit tired of all of this.
        Some of what we miss might fall into the category of luxury problems as well …

      2. Wir sagen dem ‘Jammern auf hohem Niveau’ – it will get better again…. 🙂 Have a hug from me.

      3. Genau! Habe eine Doku über Jemen gesehen und war wirklich beschämt über meine Luxusprobleme … Wir haben niemanden verloren und sind noch nicht pleite. Tschakka! 😉 Drück zurück

  5. They look just sooooo young there don’t they. Legend has it that they were serious party girls in their day! That was a good song even if the video was crap (sorry should that be kitsch!)

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