Schlager Sunday – Let’s Twist Again

Let’s Twist Again is the topic for this Schlager Sunday and I do hope you found the strength to rumble again.

Enjoy your summer, but don’t forget, the Greek alphabet has many more letters than Delta.

be kitschig blog Let's twist again Schlager Sunday

Let’s twist again like we did last summer. Or was it that summer before?

Stay healthy, happy and sane.

Schlager Sunday – Cruel Summer

Seize the Day

Schlager Sunday – Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

Picture by BRRT on Pixabay

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7 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Let’s Twist Again

  1. Some friends of mine had a oldies band and we used to go to their gigs. They played 50s songs and some 60s back in the day and among their songs was this one. I remembered the words all these years later. Chubby Checker was at the Detroit Auto Show one year … he was singing “Limbo Rock” and doing the limbo at the same time. I think HE was the hit of the auto show, not the cars!

      1. Yes – and he was quite limber given his name of “Chubby”. Everyone was singing along to the song and clapping so good thing he practiced and could do well

  2. 1961 I remember it well from the day. The first record I can actually remember from the time it came out was Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue. I was 3 years old and remember exactly where I was at the time. Not many people know that so let’s just keep that between ourselves. No sense in blabbing about it to the whole world!

    1. I kind of just dated myself too by telling Jeanine I saw Chubby Checker doing the limbo at the Detroit Auto Show. 🙂

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