Postcards from Berlin #9

Dared art street art berlin be kitschig blog
Dared Art
Bunny stays, protest against gentrification at Leise Park

I shot the squirrel

Liz art berlin street art
Liz Art Berlin
Seehofer Muss Weg Strassenkunst bombed sign German Politics
Seehofer Muss Weg (Not the most popular politician at the moment. What is the line between conservative and right-wing?) Danke Emmi, schickes Foto
Ostap Berlin streetart paste up be kitschig blog
Ostap & the Spreewald Underground
When I'm grown up I wanna be exploiter
When I grow up I wanna be an exploiter
Fuck Nazis #berlin #graffiti #streetart
Please excuse the language. While this may not be the most exciting art work, it’s always worth mentioning here and there.
#vegan #vegetarisch #vegetarian be kitschig blog #cucumber
Vegetarian Salami
(One day after taking the photo this sticker bomb was already gone. That’s why I like to preserve & share this kinda art work.)
street art be kitschig blog tina berlina
Hey Tourist, Hamburg is nice too! Tina Berlina, El Bocho
Sam Crew street art berlin pasteup urbanart
Sam Crew
schönobyl Berlin sticker bomb street art urban art be kitschig blog Berlin
Welcome to Berlin, schönobyl

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El Bocho Street Art Berlin strassenkunst Prenzlauer Berg
El Bocho
Dared Art Berlin
Dared Art
„Dedicated to“ ist Various & Goulds
“Dedicated to” by Various & Goulds from Rabotniki [work] Series
Little Lucy, El Bocho streetart urbanart berlin Strassenkunst
Little Lucy, El Bocho
‘Gift’ by the way means ‘poison’ in German
Sam Crew street art berlin
Sam Crew
spotted odd puppet berlin danziger strasse
This really does not make me want to go to this hair dresser
#spring #squirrel be kitschig blog berlin
Spring in February (with unexpected squirrel)
Didn’t have a chance to get the sleigh out of the basement once this winter
Love Oh Love
True Love?

The postcards from Berlin have piled up over winter. Maybe I’ll post those more frequently. Enjoy your week! Take a few photos.

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