I Shot the Squirrel

Taking photos of squirrels is really, really hard. Ever since I started this blog, I certainly have a new found respect for animal photography…

Usually, when you take photos of squirrels it generally looks like this

try taking a photo of a squirrel be kitschig blog

or this

be kitschig blog squirrel Eichhoernchen kitsch photography

Now, this young squirrel and I have been hanging for almost a year now, and finally I was allowed to take a few photos! (A few nuts may have helped.)



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12 thoughts on “I Shot the Squirrel

  1. Where we live we have an abundance of squirrels so every hike we go on, and even just walking the dog at the park we come across them. I found the best way to shot squirrel is to make them angry in their territory, just by walking by. The last time I was out shooting this one squirrel was squaring off with me and I got some really nice shots of him!
    Animal Photography is challenging. I do enjoy a challenge!
    Great shots

  2. Well done. I sympathize totally. There are a couple of squirrels in the garden. They often climb on the cherry tree next to my library window. And it has taken me almost a year to get a decent shot.
    (Nuts may help. I will bear that in mind)

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