Postcards from Berlin #2

Welcome to streetart postcards from Berlin #2.

street art Berlin Ron Miller be kitschig blog
Ron Miller, Fuck Fame, Mauerpark Berlin


Street art Berlin Mauerpark be kitschig blog
(R)estart, Edward von Longus, Mauerpark Berlin


street art berlin be kitschig blog
The fashion police, Berlin Wedding


Grau ist das neue pink Street art berlin be kitschig blog
Graffiti Beseitigungsnotdienst, Ostap, Berlin Pankow


Keule Comix Street art berlin be kitschig blog
What does it sound like when Chuck Norris goes fishing? – You, you, you: OUT! Keule Comix, Mauerpark Berlin


street art berlin turd McDonalds be kitschig blog
When MD disappoints a fly…. Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


Street Art Berlin unknown artist be kitschig blog
When Mickey shows his real face… Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


be kitschig blog street art berlin
URLAUB well-loved staple in Berlin – Robot by Rabea Senftenberg, Pankow Berlin


street art berlin be kitschig blog
Sock Monkey, Sam Crew, Gleimtunnel Berlin

This post is dedicated to the wonderful KaffeTante.

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2 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #2

  1. I really like the Sam Crew thing from a tunnel…it looks so sweet somehow also a bit sad and vulnerable. Lost in the tunnel! Wait, maybe it was meant to be a baby and the tunnel the birth canal and the pink cord thing is the umbelical corThe grey paint is the new pink, I had to smile. Sometimes it takes a long time for that grey paint crew to get to my part of semi-rural NRW. After mentioning how lacking in creativity much of the graffiti in my neighborhood is, almost within a week someone sprayed what I will call an attempt at Aborigine art: a black kind of lizard, nice and flat, with docorative interior, also a turtle in similar color and style showed up on the other side of the train station platform. Those lasted a few weeks…then came the grey (pink) paint.

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