Postcards from Berlin #3

street art #Berlin Angela Merkel kitschig cards
Angie, don’t sit and wait
Little Lucy street art berlin bekitschig blog
Little Lucy, El Bocho
El Bocho Street Art Berlin is more than a shopping mall
Tina Berlina, Hey Tourist, Berlin is more than a shopping mall, El Bocho
Lady in Red Street Art Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Der Konjunkitv der Neu Berliner be kitschig blog
Konjunktiv fuer Neu Berliner
street art verboten Berlin be kitschig blog
Street Art Verboten, Ostap
Zinkete Berlin street art be kitschig blog
PS street art Berlin be kitschig blog
postcards from berlin be kitschig blog van
No drunk tourists please
SF Street art Berlin be kitschig blog
Sad Cat, Rabea Senftenberg

Don’t you wish you’d take more photos?

Just snap away!


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