Postcards from Berlin #16

Welcome to Postcards from Berlin #16. The new year is already two months old, so it is really time for some new street art.

#streetart by SOBR Pilzator Postcards from Berlin #16 be kitschig blog
SOBR & Pilzator
Trump Baby be kitschig blog Berlin #graffiti #streetart
Now, where was this hiding when I did Worst of Trump?
graffiti at Mauerpark Berlin be kitchig blog

There are a lot of photos from Mauerpark this time.

#streetart  Postcards from Berlin #16
Postcards from Berlin #16
Postcards from Berlin #16 Mr Senior Schnu
Born to die in Berlin #streetart #berlin be kitschig blog
Born to die in Berlin
 Postcards from Berlin #16 Yoda Mauerpark
El Bocho tagged be kitschig blog berlin
Butchered El Bocho, see it in better shape here
 Postcards from Berlin #16 Early Spring in January
Berlin in January, scary stuff
#confatty street art what's your super power?
#streetart by emi freethinker Postcards from Berlin #16
More street art by eme freethinker
innocent girl by vec sticker art
When some artist just invites tourists to try spraying, too … Made for very proud parents.
Lost Greta street art postcards from Berlin #16 #streetart #gudalo
Lost Greta, gudalo
#streetart by ROA Postcards from Berlin #16
Rats by Roa
Happy Year of the Rat

I hope you liked the street art Postcards from Berlin #16! Thanks for visiting.

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14 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #16

    1. Merci! Roa is from Belgium for example. They do travel a lot. I follow some artists on Instagram and you kinda get the impression they all know each other …

      1. It really doesn’t take long and it is a lot more fun than Facebook (although I think FB is no fun at all). Instagram is really good for searching local stuff & art. For my work life it has been pretty usefull …

    1. Ha ha, Berlin is said to have a lot less rats than New York. It’s a popular area of town, too. You might get used to the rats 😉

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