Garden Gnome Tree

Spring has sprung and the garden gnome tree is already yielding fruit. We have seen many babies at our trip to the Garden Gnome Park in Trusetal.

Garden Gnome Tree Gartenzwerg Park Trusetal - travel kitschy with
The first signs
Gartenzwerge schlüpfen am Gartenzwergbaum - Frühling be kitschig blog Berlin
Getting there …
Garden Gnome Tree Gartenzwerg Park Trusetal - travel kitschy with
Freshly hatched
Gartenzwerg Baby  im Zwergenpark Trusetal Thüringen - travel kitschy - kitschig verreisen -  be kitschig blog Berlin
In good care
Garden Gnome Tree Gartenzwerg Park Trusetal - travel kitschy with
Garden Gnome harvest –
It certainly must be a coincidence that the basket was parked in the gift shop.

Now, we’re proud owners of a young one!

Garten Zwerg Nachwuchs in der Kollektion von be kitschig blog - orignial Zwerg aus Trusetal, Thüringen

We named him Heinrich.

Garden Gnome from the garden gnome tree

He is really enjoying Spring after being stuck inside for so long. He does look a bit mischievous though. You never gnome what you get with those kids.

Unser Gartenzwerg Baby genießt den Frühling

In case you do not believe that gnomes come from the garden gnome tree, here is a mythical version for you: Birth of a Gnome.

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31 thoughts on “Garden Gnome Tree

  1. Apparently there’s a shortage of garden gnomes in Britain now. Brexit strikes again, probably, though they blame it on the Ever Given blocking the Suez. I suspect there may be a meme somewhere about putting gnomes in front gardens for children to spot on lockdown exercise, like the Michael Rosen bear hunt meme. In any case, I immediately thought of you.

    1. Oh no, that’s outrages! The British deserve their gnomes! (Maybe buy them from Germany rather China?) We have to swishy shwashy those problems away! Image they’d run out of tea?

      1. So I pressed “send” and wondered to myself “well surely there must be a biker babe?” So I Googled and found this funny video from 2012 – apparently this guy makes videos about items in his store. Over here we call it a “Five and Dime Store” … it is a store that carries a little of everything, usually inexpensive, but these Biker Babe Gnomes are not cheap! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! They are just coming up. For some reason I seem to notice them more this year than ever. The magic of beeing stuck at home 🙂

  2. Interesting – looks like the commonly used expression “they don’t grow on trees” doesn’t apply here. The “hatching” was cool. My favorites are the gnome babies in the crocuses – very cute and colorful.

    1. Thank you Linda! The tree was really fun. They even had a crypt in the Gnome Park. These people must be pretty nuts, too 🙂

      1. Gnome Park sounds like a fun place. I like how they were popping up in the garden among the Spring flowers and hatching. I was thinking I didn’t know of any gnome parks around here, Googled and there is one called “Gnome Park” in Dawson, Minnesota.

      2. Don’t you hate when that happens? I’ve seen a blog that was great and the last post was over five years old … I was reading that this blogger you like wrote some kids books and was retiring from being a librarian … you would think there would be more time now to blog. now that you’re retired. I think this line said it all: ““Whether Leprechaun or Kobold, Pixie or Nixes, we will now be called Gnomes.”

    1. That might be the first one on the islands! A very good move for the preservation of gnomes. My best regards to Henry 😄

  3. Oh my…. I stop right here! How can we be such great friends when we have nothing in common….? 😉
    BTW, it IS kinda cute if you like that style. But I do hope they don’t get babies like rabbits or mice…. 😉
    Love you!

    1. Oh autsch, there’s no need to call it all quits! It’s just … if I do gnomes these days, I always think about you 😉 Lines all respected of course but your reaction is just too funny. You see, gnomes need to grow. After spending all this time enclosed. How many we will have, I’m not sure but if they bother the cat they will have to go find a new place …. What was your adress again?

      1. Which address? You wanna send me a card? Or a gnome? Please don’t….. but I LOVE to tease you – and I guess that cat will soon use your baby gnomes to play with – so hopefully the one or other might end up in shattered pieces!

    1. 🙂 I’ve only seen a fruit once before in the Garden Gnome Museum.
      The Garden Gnome Park was really done with lots of love and care. I think there may just be one of those trees around … But you never gnome …

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