Weekend Movie – Gnomeo & Juliet

Shakespeare Adaptation with Garden Gnomes, the Power of Elton John and a Timeless Moral


3 D Animation, Romantic Comedy, Family

An Adventure You Have Never Gnome.

The Montagues and the Capulets on Verona Drive despise each other. Of course, this feud has been passed on to their garden gnomes, who cannot even remember why blue gnomes and red gnomes are enemies. When red Tybalt (Jason Statham) cheats at a lawnmower race, you know trouble is around the corner.

The not so delicate Juliet (Emily Blunt) and adventurous Gnomeo (James McAvoy) meet for the first time in the moonlight that night. When they discover Juliet is a red and Gnomeo a blue, they realize their love is forbidden. (The really sweet montage when both get ready for their date to “Don’t go breaking my heart” was also the point when I realized the entire soundtrack was done by Sir Elton John.)

The lovers seek refuge on the Laurence property and meet flamingo Featherstone (Jim Cummings)

He’s a blue!

She’s a red!

And I’m pink. Who cares?

who tells them the sad story of how he lost his partner due to the split up of his former owners.

Peoples’ hate destroyed my love and I couldn’t do nothing about it.

Soon, the conflict between the blues and the reds spirals out of control. One gnome is be-hatted, Tybald shattered and Gnomeo is believed to have been killed by a truck. Little do the gnomes know that a tea pot fell off that truck and Gnomeo is enjoying a chat with a Shakespeare statue (Patrick Stewart) in the park. Shakespeare sees a lot of similarities to an old story and warns Gnomeo of a bad ending to come. Gnomeo argues that dying is a pretty crappy ending for a love story (which was my favorite part of this movie).

Gnomeo and Juliet
Gnomeo and Juliet

The blues and reds are back in their gardens. Even though Juliet and Gnomeo are reunited, with the help of the Terrafirminator (Hulk Hogan)

Your lawn will be afraid to grow.

both gardens are destroyed and Juliet and Gnomeo are buried under a fountain. Or are they?

Spoiler Alert

Alright, after seeing all this pointless destruction, Lord Redbrick and Lady Bluebury end the feud, Juliet and Gnomeo are married on a purple lawnmower, Tybald is glued together and Featherstone is reunited with his wife. Sigh.

Whose your Gnomeo?

As with your contemporary 3 D animated movies, the humor works on many different levels and the voice actors are an impressive cast. Lots of thought and love has been put into Gnomeo & Juliet. Elton John provided the soundtrack; also staring Nelly Furtado, Kiki Dee and Lady Gaga. Originally offered to Walt Disney Animation Studios, they were not wild about it. Can you believe that? It was a sleeper hit so there might be a sequel; watch out for Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes.

Why we love it: In-depth study of everyday lives of garden gnomes.

Recommended for: Fans of Elton John, garden gnomes, kitsch, Shakespeare, strong female characters and really tacky gardens.

2011, Touchstone Pictures
Directed by Kelly Asbury
Based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Music by Elton John, Chris P. Bacon, James Newton Howard

James McAvoy as Gnomeo
Emily Blunt as Juliet
Michael Caine as Lord Redbrick
Jason Statham as Tybalt
Maggie Smith as Lady Bluebury
Patrick Stewart as statue of William Shakespeare
Ozzy Osbourne as Fawn
Jim Cummings as Featherstone
Hulk Hogan as Terrafirminator Announcer
Dolly Parton as Dolly Gnome

Can you spot The Hoff?

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