April Gnomes

Gnomes in the snow, gnomes in the sun, it’s one fine day in April today…

garden gnome urban gardening

He said: Look what I found in the shops!

She said: But Daddy, those Kinder eggs with the spoon are really disgusting.

Aprilwetter Gartenzwerg

He said: But I thought, you guys might think the gnomes are cute?!

She said: No!!!

#kitsch #bekitschig

He said: Is criticism the only form of communication in this country?

She said: Can I have the pink one?


7 thoughts on “April Gnomes

  1. I find the small raw/fried eggs on a half shell of chocolate, sold in packages of about a dozen at Aldi odd. The yolk, the egg white, it’s like cooked salted breakfast food and yet…that chocolate ‘bowl’ or is it a ‘nest’ under the raw/cooked egg. Never bought them. Maybe they taste great. Garten Zwerge. There is a plastic one parked to the left of our front door. Belongs to my German MIL. Some days his cheery face is a bit annoying but in general I like his positive Strahlung.

    1. Ihr geht es gut. Der australische Papa hat wohl eher Schwierigkeiten mit dem Ton im Land der Dichter & Denker …

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