If only every tiny village had an odd artist …

… there’d be less Nazis on the outskirts of Berlin …


Spiesser auf dem Land #sign #hund #schild #dog be kitschig blog
3 Hour Barking

It can get a bit square in the Country

Bücherbox auf dem Land book swap #community #bekitschig blog berlin
Look, a Book Swap!

Uh, how contemporary! Out in the middle of nowhere you are allowed to think.

Osterhase auf dem Land street art Kunst be kitschig blog
Easter Bunny at rest

Decorating and up-cycling have always been a hit here

somewhere on the outskirts of berlin be kitschig blog

Traditionally, they don’t like new things (like permanent repositories or the stuff that really shouldn’t be in our food)

Glyphosat Protest Brandenburg be kitschig blog
Sie haben auch Glyphosat im Blut?

Glyphosate is not what your local farmer wants to sell you

Freiheit Aushalten #schild #sign bear freedom
Freiheit aushalten

We have to bear the freedom we’ve been given

racism goes on my eggs nerves Rassiten gehen mir auf die Eier
Rassisten gehen mir auf die Eier

While it may look as if he was selling eggs, he just states racism was to go on his nerves [Eier]

I am ashamed gnomes in the german country Ich schäme mich Rassismus
Saluting Gnomes

What could be more square than a garden gnome? These once are ashamed.



Sir, I would love to meet you one day!


Be nice. Be green. Be kitschig.

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