On Writing & Odd Jobs

When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.

Margaret Laurence

This quote may have saved my sanity. While there was always this certain feeling, I never really had the proper words for it.

A few months back, I ran into an old school friend and got this strange little look for not having a ‘proper’ career. See, at some point in your life you ought to have a ‘real job’, right?

I’ve been bending over backwards last year to free some time for writing, while still earning somewhat of an income, and for me this is just a start. Fingers crossed, better late than never …

6 thoughts on “On Writing & Odd Jobs

  1. Five days off work, only e-mails andthe comment written here. Confession: my blog is growing mold. Don’t ask me why but I have started trying to learn some basic Welsh to pass the time, when not walking in nature or eating tiramisu. The career thing is not important beyond the daily needs cash aspect, who needs status? Each day that you enjoy is enough. Add in another spoon of that tiramisu and don’t read the nutrition lable either. One day the job is over and then people ask what you do and you have a choice: to fall back on the old job as a kind of lame self-definition or blurt with full chested confidence the full truth at last: whatever you are passionate about in life, at that moment. You are also allowed to change passions, throw them to the side, pick them up later, recycle them or even share them. This is the sage wisdom of Kaffee Tante. Take it or leave it. I like your blog so I must like something about you too. Write on lady.

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