Schlager Sunday – Passenger

Just in case you missed it, David Hassehoff just released a cover album. Passenger is the first single from Party Your Hasselhoff.

His material ranges from Always On My Mind to We Didn’t Start The Fire or Hungry Eyes. Accepting birthday presents!

Of course, there are other versions of Passenger.

Enjoy your Schlager Sunday. Catch you on the flip side.

Are you gonna buy this record?

David Hasselhoff Museum Berlin

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Schlager has ruined my life

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Bild von Adrian Malec auf Pixabay

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14 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Passenger

  1. I haven’t seen him in years – he really hasn’t changed. I liked the song … didn’t know about the other material he was involved with, like “We Didn’t Start the Fire” … I like all three of those songs.

    1. It is so (tragic) funny that he has such a huge career overseas and his fellow Americans remeber him as the dude that was on Baywatch! If you ever get bored, check out his Wiki 😉
      I love my Hoff, with an ironic wink, of course, but when his Christmas sweater solt out in a blink of an eye last year, I was seriously dissapointed!

      1. That is ironic – people here cast aside people in favor of newer singers, TV or movie idols, like they don’t count. It amazes me sometimes … most of the time those former idols end up alcohol or drug issues as they can’t find work, lost their fan base. Fans are fickle … I am not a big sports fan, but I see it all the time. It’s like you’re “the flavor of the month” sometimes.

      2. So true, 15 minutes of fame and all … Sports is a good example. The UK are well-known for never winning the 11 meters shooting … when they loose, the skin color of the players should not be a topic. It’s as if people love to hate their stars a bit. #freebritney

      3. Yes, 15 minutes of fame exactly. People here love them and hate them in the course of a few days. Look what happened with Simone Biles. It’s her body, but tell that to those haters … they were all about the medals. Yes, Britney is free of her dad who finally stepped aside. (Took long enough.)

  2. Unrelated musically, but Tara MacLean has an album and song called “Passenger”. Although my favorite song from the album is “Jericho”, which is not the song I bought the album in order to get … (Remember when you had to buy entire albums just to get one song, if it hadn’t been released as a single?)

    1. Oh, well, thank you for even listening! What did you have to put on after?
      I love his understatement. Whole record works like that. He was meant for the stage

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