The First Signs of Christmas…

…. almost seem a bit late this year.

May the patience be with you.

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays?

My First Christmas Pickle

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6 thoughts on “The First Signs of Christmas…

  1. I haven’t noticed the Christmas stuff as much, too and overwhelmed by political fervor. Probably an avalanche of Christmas ads await the day after elections to fall.

    1. Hi there, I am not sure why I didn’t see your comment. Please excuse my late reply! Maybe in the US the stores also need some room for Thanksgiving & Halloween?! 🙂 Despite the fact all these things are around for so long, suddenly it occurred to me, I should start preparing for Christmas… Enjoy the holidays!

    1. Mmh, maybe it feels so late because they start earlier in Australia? Maybe because Oktoberfest is in the way. For some reason this is a huge thing in all of Germany now. There’s even Bavarian flags in Berlin?!

      1. Could be! Here, Christmas starts earlier here every year. 😂 I like a little time in between celebrations!
        As to Bavarian flags in Berlin, I hope they don’t confuse anyone after a night of partying! 😉

  2. Here in the Netherlands, things start a little earlier because Sinterklaas is the major event for young children, on 5th December, with the real build-up starting in the first or second week of November. The first Sinterklaas goodies have been known to appear in August. I try to look away! Advent and Christmas in Germany is wonderful. We did go on a special trip over the border last year and bought advent calendars for our teenage+ children. This meant that I was confronted with the Playboy calendar for an entire month in my living room. My husband sneaked it in the trolley when I wasn’t looking because he thought it was funny. Grrrr. Had to hide it behind the more traditional calendar.

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