Schlager Sunday – Always on My Mind

Always on My Mind is the Schlager Sunday for the week on be kitschig. A very big hello! Thanks for flying with me. The first video features a sad looking Elvis and lyrics, so you can sing along as tragic as you possibly feel right now. I am dedicating this song to the world BC. Maybe, I didn’t treat my life before Corona quite as good as I should have, maybe I didn’t love it quite as often as I could have.

Elvis Presley – Always on My Mind (with Lyrics)

Willie Nelson

Pet Shop Boys

Elvis included this song in his repertoire after the breakup with Priscilla. Yet, it wasn’t until the version of Willie Nelson, that Always on My Mind got famous. The song has been written by John L. Christopher Jr., Mark James und Wayne Carson and currently there are over 120 cover versions of this tune. Firstly pressed was the song featuring country singer Brenda Lee in 1971.

Brenda Lee

What’s on your mind these days?

Schlager Sunday Always on my mind Berlin

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16 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Always on My Mind

  1. I remember Brenda Lee. She had a voice on her!
    The world BC? It’s a god one. (I had a 19th century childhood and education so I can relate…

  2. I like this Sunday’s choice of tunes Jeanine and had no idea there were so many versions of it. I had forgotten about the Elvis version, and as you said in this post, the song was popularized by Willie Nelson’s version of it. I like the Willie Nelson version best. People laugh about Willie Nelson, but that man has got the twang down pat – you’ve got to have the twang to sing true country. I grew up listening to the old country music. My parents had Hank Williams, Sr., Hank Snow and Patsy Cline on the stereo all day every Sunday. Willie Nelson has a cameo on this Waylon Jennings song – I love this song and in a way it is appropriate to what you say … we all took our daily life events for granted, going on about our business and pleasure. Only now do we realize that we long for the simple things in life that have been lost, not to greed, or any fault of our own, but to a virus that is chipping away at our psyches … we are squandering each day of our life away and I hope that we can one day return to normal … this new normal is wearing us all down:

    1. I’m not sure why anybody would make fun of Willie Nelson. I used to hate Country music with a passion and it is to artists like him that made it interesting! As for our new normal, I wonder how people will cope in winter time with all of this. Let’s at least enjoy the last rays of sunshine 😉

      1. I don’t know either – I like a song that says something, has a story – country songs always have a story it seems. He is an interesting, sometimes controversial singer. I liked this song when it came out. My parents listened to the original country singers and said the “newer country singers” were not as authentic. On the news today they just mentioned restaurants coping once the colder weather arrived, let alone the snow. Many restaurants have used part of their parking lots to create outdoor dining areas here. I was in a downtown shopping area back in March, just before the whole COVID situation hit. I saw a dining experience I’ve never seen before – it was a dining bubble. So here it was Winter, in Michigan, although no snow. The bubble is like an igloo and inside it is heated and there are blankets to put on your lap to keep you warm. Do you have anything like that? I took pictures of it in this post, about 2/3rds down – it is a long post, but you will see the bubble dining – I wonder if restaurants will do this – I am guessing they are probably expensive.

      2. Hey Linda, those bubbles look kinda weird. It might not work with airing out during Covid times?! Never seen those before but some places here put up tent like structures out front and heat those. It’s usually cheaper eating places 😉 Not as fancy as the bubbles. — Berlin is pretty densely populated in the center. There are really no big parking lots at restaurants. You do see a lot more people eating on the side walks (lots of trees have fences around that are just wide enough to sit on them) or on steps and a lot of places make use of the side walks (which, I’m sure in Germany would need some sort of special permit). What you do see a lot these days are delivery bicycles, so I guess lots of people just order and stay at home.

      3. We have a lot of people ordering in as well and they use phone apps like “Door Dash” or “Uber Eats” to get their food delivered to them. I know they have heated tents when there are big events in the Winter. In Downtown Detroit, every Winter, right in the business district, they truck in mounds of snow and fill the streets, plus have snow-making equipment for “Winter Blast” – they started doing that when we had the Super Bowl one year. They make sledding hills and snow for sled dogs. That is the coldest month of the year for Michigan so they have the heated tents. These bubbles may not work either as the germs would hang in there – nowhere to go, unless they take your temperature first. We had people eating on the sidewalk in New York the other day and a car went up over the sidewalk – in this case, it was not an issue of purposely trying to mow down people but driver lost control of the car.

      4. Mmh, what are the odds? I hope they are well … We didn’t have snow in Berlin for 2 or 3 years now, maybe we need a few snow mashines?? 😉

      5. They were able to move in time – whew. Near me some people were in a sidewalk dining area and a guy was trying out his friends motorcycle and ran into their table They ended up in the hospital with injuries, but not life-threatening injuries and are fine now … but still! One year they had so much snow for Winter Blast, the snow machines went unused and they had blizzard-like conditions and had to reconfigure all the snow they had put there so far!

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