Donald Trump Stress Ball

It seems my Donald Trump anti stress ball is actually causing me stress. I spotted this squeezy head in a tourist shop at Alexanderplatz. (What on earth was I doing there in the first place?) Naturally, a week later I just had to go back and grab him by the package.

Donald Trump anti stress ball president be kitschig blog

Donald’s face is not incredibly pretty and it seems to attract a whole bunch of dirt. Unfortunately, this Donald Trump seems to be incontinent. Maybe I had too much stuff in my bag and it broke on the way home. Maybe Donald just stems from a line of faulty products. You’d think that orange thingy would last longer than a minute.

Donald Trump Anti Stress ball be kitschig blog

So now when you squeeze Mr Trump, there is white goo oozing out of his head. We still had a little fun with our Donald Trump anti stress ball but I’m not sure if I’d recommend this head for any office.

I should’ve known this is just dump.

Donald Trump anti stress ball be kitschig blog Berlin

Enjoy your hump day; we got this! Kinda most of the time.

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44 thoughts on “Donald Trump Stress Ball

  1. It’s really hard to laugh at anything that contains the word Trump, but this post made me smile broadly, and boy is that needed right now as he fans the flames of division here in the U.S.

    1. It is not just the people in the US who are chewing their nails because of that … Fingers crossed all will be well in the end

      1. Very true, but I have access to some kind of forecast that predicted Trump’s victory in 2016. Polls (I’ve been a market researcher) are not… fake, but wrong. They almost always have 15% DK/NA (Don’t know, don’t answer) so when you a have a 6-8 point gap in favour of Biden, the 15% can swing the final vote. And the figures on this other “technique” give Trump ahead as in 2016… So I am very worried…

  2. Well, the stress ball certainly has the likeness of Donald Trump, right down to the oval shape of his mouth he makes all the time – was it a joke that the stress ball was loaded inside which was guaranteed to spurt out once you squeezed it? Interesting!

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Brilliant documenting of an odious thing coming apart at the seams.
    I would have bought this small monstrosity too – just to pour my alcohol handwash gel over it and set it alight, then photo the display for my blog. Maybe there exists a Johnson ball too, and the pair could go up in flames together. The photo ops are endless.

    1. Set it on fire! Hear, hear, you might give me ideas here … After a little research, there were no Boris stress balls but there are bath ducks, toilet paper with his face and pin / needle cushions with Johnson and May and all sorts but those won’t get near my sewing table ever! You gotta draw the line somewhere 😉 If I’ll ever do set it on fire, I’ll le you know! Take care

  4. Consider the state of mind of the individual who actually thought about producing crap like this! (Not to mention the state of mind of those people who actually pay good money to buy crap like this!)

      1. I’m honestly not sure. It has a German adress on it but it might just be the importer … It might just be a Russian conspiracy? In the end, it’s short fun but really land fill

      2. Neither the Russians nor the Chinese are huge fans of DT so maybe it was a joint venture. As you say land fill material (as if the world does not have enough land fill material)

    1. Honestly, how did he get there in the first place? At least we gnome what’s in that head of his now. Fingers crossed, American consumers will read the small print better

  5. A disturbing gift to give your worst enemy. For Trump that’s anyone you doesn’t think he’s the alpha, the omega, the greatest this or that that’s ever lived.

    1. Actually, I was gonna make this my Christmas present to everybody but with such poor quality, it’s even too useless for that 😉

      1. He he, they (my mother in law) probably wouldn’t appreciate it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for this blog and a bit of fun I wouldn’t have picked it up either

  6. See Trump as a very very light and very very cheap replacement for Monty Python flying circus – but he doesn’t even reach their sock holders not at all. 😀 😀 😀

    1. So true. I was a wee bit dissapointed cause when you get something, you’d think it lives up to its promise. You get what you pay for — if at all 😉

      1. If politics were subject to the marketing law, then very many politicians (including Trump) would be wearing foot shackles. 🙂

  7. Please don’t bin it – it’s definitely an art piece. On the other hand, it’s your documentation that makes it, so if you can’t stand the sight of the actual item I think you’re free to bin that. Thanks for an entertaining post that could also be seen as a social comment x

  8. oh blimey – now I need counselling….. what a dreadful thing to even consider buying. I was already feeling sick when I looked at the first image, when his head was still in the bag! LOL

    1. I was actually having way more fun with this than I should’ve … Not sure if I should bin it or donate this art to a museum? 😉 Maybe my first give away?

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