Weekend Movie — Blue Hawaii

Problems of a rich boy gone Heimatfilm

Musical, Romantic Comedy

Elvis Presley (Chad (Chadwick) Gates),

Joan Blackman (Maile Duval),

Angela Lansbury (Sarah Lee Gates),

Roland Winters (Fred Gates)

The movie poster of Blue Hawaii promises the ‘world’s lushes paradise of songs’, ‘ecstatic romance’ as well as ‘exotic dances’. Lots of nice words. Could it be a kitschy romance?

Blue Hawaii starts with stunning scenery and the confident heroine Maile (Joan Blackman) on her way to the airport to pick up her boyfriend. This turns into a WILD car chase, so you just know you are up for excitement here!

Can you be blue in Hawaii?

Maile changes quickly into a 50’s style protagonist as soon as Chad (Elvis) enters the scene. In true rock star manner, he leaves the plane kissing a stewardess. Even though this is witnessed by Maile at the bottom of the stairs (subtle symbolism) she forgives him in no time (I’ve timed 42 seconds). This is followed by happy tunes and the honest lines ‘I was almost always true to you’. What a rascal. You kinda know where we’re heading here.

Chad, just out of the army, wants to enjoy himself and instead of working in his parents’ company, he prefers to surf and spend time with his girlfriend. There is a bit of plot development, some misunderstandings, some temptations and the ending is kinda predictable. All set in beautiful Hawaii, including plenty of beach scenes and sunsets, combined with a motivated cast, well-written scenes and a great soundtrack, this musical is a masterpiece. For what it is.

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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii is a true Heimatfilm, including the WITTY swimming scene in which Maile loses her bikini top. The kitschy scenery is heartwarming, Chad is charming, his car is pretty hot and he’s rocking that Hula. Even though he is quite a cool character

Chad: How would you like to be married?
Maile: Are you asking?
Chad: Not until I know what the answer is gonna be.

some clever lines make his mum (charmingly overacting Angela Lansbury)

Sarah Lee: Tourists aren’t people

the secret star of this movie.

Sarah Lee: Oh Daddy, What did we do wrong?

Fred: Offhand I’d say we got married.

Why I love it

The moral of the story is that you can get away with anything as long as you look like rebel role model Elvis.

Recommended for

Rainy Days, Elvis Fans and Movie Night with Mum

1961, Paramount
Directed by Norman Taurog
Produced by Hal Wallis
Screenplay by Hal Kanter
Story by Allan Weiss
Featuring Elvis Presley Songs like Blue Hawaii Hawaiian
Wedding Song
Can’t help falling in love

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