Germans Have no Humor?

Welcome to Germans have no humor and yes, the question mark is on purpose. You know I’m posting on Wednesdays, how wordless that will be… oh well.

I’ve warned you at the beginning of the year that I am planing on doing a few recycling posts. Not because I’m lazy, it actually takes a while to find all the old photos, but because older posts don’t need to be forgotten. It is an unwritten law of the blogging world that your content has a rather short lifespan, however, that doesn’t mean newer followers shouldn’t see it. So, I am taking you on a ride on the be kitschig train and hopefully I’ll make you laugh. Otherwise, my point is gonna fall completely flat.

Here we go:

The Hoff loves you Berlin Mitte be kitschig blog

Random vandalism in public space near the David Hasselhoff Museum. They are even petioning renaming the street to David Hasselhoff Straße. Clearly, Germans have no humor.

#Trump #kacke

I almost stepped in the art. More Trump opinions here and here.

komische Werbung food truck

I realy wish I had taken a photo of the entire food truck. They sold fish rolls, which are the bomb if you’re in the mood for them. Click for more Spreewald pictures

Picture by congerdesign on Pixabay

Dog Parking at the grocery store

Admittedly, not all of our election posters looks like that, but especially in Berlin we see some pretty creative posters. Does it help with the outcome? That’s another story. At least, we shall not forget.

#deutsch #Kaisers
Stolen at Kaisers

While the grocery store Kaisers actually does not exist anymore, I too took these baskets home. I did return them though. Mostly. To me this print was pure genius.

Hund pullert an Brunnen

Can you name a fountain with peeing animals near you? Devil Fountain in Magdeburg

may 2019 – Galeria Kaufhof Alexanderplatz

When the store decorator gets excited…

schönobyl #berlin #streetart be kitschig #blog WP
schönobyl & Trump 2015/2016?

You cannot be more orange than that.

Distance – one pony.

Due to its quality, this picture never made it into any post, but our public transport in Berlin has a marvelous marketing team. There are many distancing versions out there and they change repeatedly.

Rentner Bravo, Apotheken Umschau 15.1.2022

Now, last exhibit. This was really the reason for this post. The German Bravo has been catering to teens since 1956 (and brought us a controversy or two).

Since our free pharmacy magazine mostly caters to retirees and many Germans believe life doesn’t start until you’re 66 (old Schlager by Udo Jürgens), for their jubilee edition they put out a Rentner Bravo; including the latest Virus news and Viagra questions.

Now, you tell me, do Germans have no humor?!? Please don’t hang me out to dry wrinkle. (Get it, get it? Oh well…)

Dong Xuan Center Berlin

David Hasselhoff Museum


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34 thoughts on “Germans Have no Humor?

  1. As a German born American I resemble that quote. Hahah. Actually I’ve always found Germans have a great sense of humor. On the other hand, always thought that Austrians are Germans with no sense of humor. 🤣

      1. Oh Mr. Ohh, you did it again … right into the spam! WP likes doing that with short comments but this is so annoying if we follow each other!

  2. Thank you for the nice examples of “no humor”. When it comes to German humor, Karl Valentin always comes to mind. But there are also some great artists in the new cabaret scene.

  3. These photos were new to me Jeanine, so recycling served its purpose. I laughed at “Stolen at Kaisers” and how clever to keep baskets from getting ripped off. I kinda/sorta had a red one from years ago that I kept all my yard hand tools in and carried them around the yard. I like the distance of one pony for social distancing? I have some photos of signs to use one Wordless Wednesday and one was from a window in a sandwich shop – the chain is Jimmy John’s and they make large sandwiches on crusty buns and they show how many of their sandwiches to stand apart to correctly social distance. I am backed up on using pics.

    1. These baskets are amazing for sorting your recycling or your gardening stuff … I love how the sandwich people utilize it. We’re all in the same boat here (well, some are not) and a bit of a wink makes it A LOT easier! Grab a happy sandwich. Stay safe, happy weekend! xo

      1. I totally agree with you Jeanine. You stay safe as well – our COVID numbers are looking better here, but our snow total numbers are high. Not good for walking – my steps are taking a hit! Thank goodness for the weekend to re-energize.

  4. I’ve never said that Germans have no humor. I grew up around a lot of second and third generation immigrants and I know they do.

    1. That is really nice Herb. Thank you! It seems a common opinion … Some Germans just need time to warm up.
      To be honest though, I do not get British humor. Thank goodness for The Mighty Boosh and Monty Python! If you wanna torture me, make me sit down and watch The Office …

  5. LOL! I laughed at all of them! The fountain is hilarious! And next time someone is standing to close in the market I will tell them they need to be a pony’s distance away. 😀

  6. I haven’t seen BRAVO since 2014 when I used to buy them too in Yugoslavia, of all places, and hang posters all over my room. Those life-size posters in pieces were scary-looking. 😀 I missed all the controversy though… What happened?

    1. I think it has a lot to do with nudity. They introduced pictures of real teenagers with normal bodies but they are completely naked. Also, they talk pretty open about sexuality. —
      I used Bravo for tutoring, mostly translating the jokes or cultural stuff. In hinsight, I’m not sure what the school would’ve done if they caught me 😉 The kids loved it!

    1. It might not be worth the trip to Berlin by itself 😅 it’s really more a hole in a basement but how much do you need to worship?

    1. Never have I seen a dog parking before! I also really nearly stepped into that art and did see a few in the next days. Make you wonder. It would be so fiddly to make the flags in the first place but then you go out and stick it into … erm … place holders. People need hobbys.

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