Schlager Sunday – Material Girl

Material Girl is an odd song to listen to during Corona times.

There was also a time when Madonna was really awesome… How the world has changed!

Still, Madonna and I spent a lot of time together, or better I with her, and I will always hold her albums dear. Well, the early ones.

Enjoy your Sunday! We’ve got this!

Schlager Sunday be kitschig blog Material Girl Madonna

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Picture by Frauke Riether on Pixabay

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18 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Material Girl

  1. Ha ha – she is not the Madonna of years ago – that is for sure. Did you know that Madonna is from my state and many people here think she walks on water because of that?

  2. Now that takes me back to my high school days! I remember some of the girls in my class performing a lip synch routine to this song at one of the school shows!

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