Schlager Sunday – Black Bird

Black Bird



A timeless song shall never be forgotten.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Black Bird

    1. I’ve been watching too many news. Excuse my world pain. It seems in Europe there are a lot more “news” available. Hopefully, there will be reasons for a happy song… maybe on judgement day, I mean, election day … Fingers crossed

      1. You’re not alone with your world pain. For the first time ever in my life I am afraid of Election Day! Whenever we are in Europe , we appreciate real world news! From different angles and perspectives! Here in the US, local and world news have turned into entertainment, un-truths, fear-mongering and unfortunately very little real information. I actually stopped watching CNN, for those reasons.
        I am crossing my fingers and toes that we’ll have reasons to play and sing happy songs on Election Day!

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