Schlager Sunday – Wolves of the Sea

Wolves of the Sea is taking you on a Schlager Sunday journey tonight and, oh ho ho, don’t you judge a book by its cover!

Rumors go this song was actually written by Swedish artists for Melodifestivalen. You know, one of those contests to figure out the Eurovision entry. However, it was rejected, and Latvia ended up with this song instead. So, the project Pirates of the Sea was formed. You know, one of those bands that simply come together for the European Song Contest. However, they did perform Wolves of the Sea with a lot of passion. While I know at least two of you who will hate this song with a passion … let’s look at the results, shall we?

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Wolves of the Sea was a super hit. It scored 10 points from the UK and even received 12 points from Ireland. Over the years it also became a well-loved song in South Africa, where fans of rugby are still known to sing this tune. Overall, it finished 12 out of 25 entries at the finale of the Grand Prix in 2008. With a hii hii hoo and a hii hii hey!

Enjoy your long Easter weekend and have a splendid start to your week!

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20 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Wolves of the Sea

  1. I began to have my doubts about Mexico after a few years. (Too late.) When I realized people here LOVED ABBA.
    (oops) Happy Easter.

    1. Ha ha, there is a lot of bad music coming from Germany. Think Euro Dance Floor beats or our never ending support for David Hasselhoff 🙂
      I hope you had a nice Easter Weekend!

      1. There is a strong competition between Germany and France (what else is new?) on bad music. Not sure who’s the winner.
        (David Hasselhoff? Come for me Kitt?) 🤣

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