Schlager Sunday – Love Me, Please Love Me

The French singer Michel Polnareff has started classical training, focussing on the piano, by the age of four. He has been a great success from the mid-60s and opened for artists like Marianne Faithfull or Mick Jagger. Polnareff has worked with musicians like Jimmy Page or Mike Oldfield and apparently played soccer in a team in LA with Elton John and Rod Stewart. You can trust the extended internet research from Be Kitschig University on this one. Over the years he has collected an impressive amount of Golden and Platinum Records and, occasionally, still tours today

Michael Polnareff – Love Me, Please Love Me

This Chanson deals with love, which makes him go a bit crazy because it does not seem reciprocated and comes complete with a rather 60s video … Enjoy.

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Thanks to stux from Pixabay for the free image.

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