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Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, which is of course not that wordless, and the first feature on bekitschig.blog. Meet fellow blogger Robert Adlam, who is my very first guest blogger. Excite!

Let’s see, what he has to say about kitsch, shall we?

After Camp – there’s Kitsch! After Kitsch there’s ? …

Since we haven’t arrived there yet, well, there’s only one thing to do: let’s have a few more moments of kitsch. This time, though, it’s kitsch from hitherto unacknowledged places. So, here’s a total kitsch joke that I have taken from the annals of Kitsch-ology: It’s on page 202: Voila!

(You maybe need a bit of folklore background to savour its liquorice all-sorts delights.)


What do you call a narcissistic folksy little chap with an orange face and floppy straw-coloured hair, who wants to keep a beautiful young woman all for HIMSELF forever and ever – and who hits the roof and throws the biggest tantrum EVER when he is found out?



Aw, C’mon: it’s kitsch.

And here is another one from page 204.

(You may require a bit of Lena Horne or Frank Sinatra to get this one.)

Question: What is the former first lady Melania’s favourite song?

Answer: ‘The lady is a Trump.’

Aw, C’mon again: Faking that that is funny is pleasant. It feels good to pretend, and when we all join in, it is almost as though we were not pretending at all; it’s kitsch.

(They offered me a back copy of Maxim mag. just for selling/telling them that joke – which I used for lighting my autumn-leaf bonfire. Tra la la  doop doop …)

And then there’s fish tanks

OK: Well, there I was taking off to Lake Como in Italy. Just for fun I went through Switzerland and I just had to stop in the heart of Lucerne and by accident I parked my slightly embarrassing car in a car park. And, weirdly the exit of the car park was through the Movenpick hotel in the centre of Lucerne and even more weirdly the exit led through a passage adjacent to a kind of Dining room. And the Dining room possessed a huge fish tank within which the most idiotic fish ever invented were swimming.

After kitsch there's camp Robert Adlam guest post

But the piece de Kitsch resistance was a completely unnecessary shrine. And it was plainly a joke. It featured amethyst crystals and apples and these Chinese fat gut types in garish china and there was a Buddha too. I immediately took a photo of the most delicious high-grade kitsch in Switzerland.

After kitsch there's camp Robert Adlam guest post

It made my day (well, that moment of my day …)

Thanks Adam for your spin on kitsch! You will find the blog of Robert Adlam here. Go check it out!

When you go to a Chinese restaurant or an Irish pup you expect it to look a certain way. What was first? The decor or the expectations?

While this is the first guest blog, other blogging friends have contributed with photos before, like Linda and Ulli. If you’d like to share some of your kitschy photos or write an article, let me know and together we’ll make this space more colorful!

Happy Humb Day; we’ve got this!

Art or Kitsch?

David Hasselhoff Museum Berlin

Fairy Tale Forest B-Sides

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7 thoughts on “Featured: Robert Adlam

  1. We need smiles to get through 2020 – thank you for the mention Jeanine. I will keep my eyes peeled for fun things to send you … I’ve not seen any round-bellied Buddhas lately, just bare-bottomed gnomes! No use asking that gnome to wear a mask as he does not like wearing pants evidently! 🙂

  2. That kitsch crystal shrine is a joy – not only can you get your eye candy k-fix but you can get energised too!!

    1. There is a ginormous Chinese restaurant on the outsirts of Berlin, 2 stories and lots and lots of decor. Once it’s open again, maybe I should go and sneek a few photos?!?

      1. Oh you should! Bet it looks fab.
        300 vintage points your way for using the ace word ‘ginormous’ 🙂

    1. Da waren ja aber ein paar tolle Sachen dabei! (Auf dem Markt war ich auch schon lange nicht mehr …)
      Erstmal apokalyptischer Kitsch, Zombies, die Rückkher der Vampire und etwas Endzeitstimmung, aber dann … ???

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