Schlager Sunday – L’Allemagne Deux Points

L’Allemagne Deux Points is a book that just magically entered my life. One of those nice pick-ups simply walking home. (Very big thanks to my better half for this find!). In this book, we meet Eurovision at a point in time where it was really trying to renew itself. At a point, where they were just dusting off the old Chansons and introducing the tele vote.

L'Allemagne deux points be kitschig blog Berlin
The New Seekers – Beg, Steal or Borrow, Pepel in Kri – Dan ljubezni, Teach-In – Ding-A-Dong, Séverine – Mach Die Augen Zu (un banc un arbre une rue), Celine Dion – Ne partez pas sans moi, Nicole – Ein Bißchen Frieden, Milk & Honey – Milk & Honey – Hallelujah, Vicky Leandros – Apres Toi, Dschinghis Khan – Dschinghis Khan, Joy Fleming – Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein, Cliff Richard – Congratulations, Dana – All Kinds of Everything

L’Allemagne Deux Points is made up of little snippets (oh, how I love that) of celebrities of different degrees, mostly involved in Eurovision. We find German legends like Guildo Horn or Thomas Hermanns as well as Nick Hornby. This book fills us in on details we didn’t know we were missing. Oh my, oh my …

Schlager Sunday - L'Allemagne Deux Points

I found the overall tone rather interesting because it reminds me of how I write about the ESC; always with a little apologetic undertone. This read was so much fun. It just made me wonder if the graphic designer responsible really wanted us to read all that stuff. Common, you just cannot break up text between the pictures! An epic nightmare. (tiff.any you know who you are)

L'Allemagne Deux Points Ein Kniefall vor dme Grand Prix Udo Jürgens

While I would highly recommend this read to you, I am not sure what your chances are of just finding it on your way home … Without further ado, bekitschig blog is presenting the one and only Eurovision entry from Germany that was so bad that it was never allowed to compete.

(This must’ve been before the time Germany was part of the Big 5 — the countries mostly paying for all the fun.)

Judge for yourself! Happy Sunday!

Leon – Planet of Blue

Leon, reim dich oder ich freß dich!

Schlager Sunday - L'Allemagne Deux Points

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15 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – L’Allemagne Deux Points

  1. Malta geht in Ordnung wenn wir sie für jeweils 6 Monate im Jahr vor die Bretange schleppen 🙂 Notfalls auch mit Schlager und gaaaaanz viel Rotwein und Cidre…

  2. Mr. Jackson für Arme 🙂 Jedes Land hat die Schlagersänger die es verdient , noch lachen wir über Herrn Silberdingsda aber warte mal bis der das erste Bundesverdienstkreuz bekommt und die Nationalhymne umschreiben darf…Zeit auszuwandern 🙂

      1. Ich wüsste da von einer stillgelegten Ölplattform vor Norwegen…ok, vielleicht etwas sehr einsam und stürmisch…aber garantiert ohne Schlagersänger…(wobei, nur so unter uns… ich schau mir schon mal diese Sendungen an, muss ja an meiner Allgemeinbildung arbeiten 🙂

      2. Könnten wir die Plattform so Richtung Malta bewegen? Aber dann zieh ich da mit Kind und Kegel auch ein. (Zur Not ohne Schlager, versprochen)

  3. I remember the song ‘Beg Steal or Borrow’ by the New Seekers and I also remember Vicky Leandros from the same era – early 70’s. (And I can go back quite a bit further than that too). All legitimate kitsch by the look of them!

    1. The book was a funny find. It was actually really well written and very anxiuos about the tele voting system 😉 The lay out really trnasports some of the 90s charme. Man, it doesn’t seem that far away …

  4. What’s not to like? Shiny costumes, fog, strange dancing! That video was so bad it was good! Kitsch at its best! 😀

    1. The dance moves are really something! I had the choice between 3 videos and they all had pretty much the same choreography 😉 He even had a few other … erm … hits in the 90s!

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