Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

This quote is often attributed to Simone Signoret or Peter De Vries. However, further credits go to Yogi Berra as well as Ronald Frankau and Tommy Handley.

Whomever was first might not really matter all that much. Are you nostalgic yet for life B.C.?

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be Quote

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19 thoughts on “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

  1. I watch tv or movies and think “oh , look we used to do sit in restaurants like that. Or imagine we used to go get on airplanes and fly places. I guess that is being nostalgic.

    1. Yeah the movies don’t really show social distancing, it get’s a bit weird at times. But that’s a good form of nostalgia (and certainly more entertaining than the news these days)

  2. Yes, I miss the “BC” era Jeanine, but sadly I don’t think we’ll ever recapture that carefree time … and I hate being a doomsayer by saying that. Meanwhile, this is a great nostalgic shot and the boy reminds me of the little boy on the front of the Crackerjack – do you agree?

    1. Yeah, it does! You never know where the people of Pixabay find the inspiration … Which reminds me, it was terribly confusing when Kinder (Ferrero) changed the kid on Kinder Schokolade a few years ago… It is starting to dawn on me, that this might be the new normal after all … We’ll see what fall will bring

      1. Over here, it threw everyone off track when the Quaker Oats guy (“Larry”) suddenly became a younger, trimmer person on the front of the oatmeal box. Same with Aunt Jemima when she was heavy and had a kerchief on her hand, then was slim and trim. Now she will be eliminated due to the racial unrest we have over here. That Crackerjack box has been the same for years. I like Pixabay too – they are the most creative of all the photo sites, though I’ve gotten fun stuff from Pinterest too. I do think that this is the new normal – I had more faith that things would stabilize until we had the resurgence around our Independence Day holiday. Over here, they say most events, concerts, etc. will be cancelled until Summer of 2021. I am really surprised that they are able to get the baseball season going but one of the baseball teams had 17 people test positive today for COVID-19 so they are shut down til next week (for now).

  3. YES! But I don’t think life will ever quite be the same, especially for those of us stuck in the U.S.

  4. It wasn’t bad for us so far and we’re very thankful. Hero Husband still most days working from home; I’ve seen more of him during the past months than in the over 22yrs of our marriage…. 😉

    1. I know exactly what you mean … Altough, after I removed my mask at work the other day, I could smell a lot of very bad perfume … Plus, I get to eat all the garlic I like 😉 Fingers crossed, we won’t crash to hard in fall & winter!

  5. Memories are not always what they used to be when I walked to school barefoot, uphill in a blizzard don’t U know!

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