For Wordless Wednesday we’ve got ourselves some nice, odd objects. With two exceptions, the still lives are from Berlin. Enjoy!  

Postcards from Berlin 20 Wassermelone Mauerpark - Water Melon street art
Postcards from Berlin #20
Objects altes Sofa Berliner Stillleben
be kitschig blog Berlin  - Stofftier Hund in der Mülltonne BSR stuffed toy dog on garbage bin
Banane  im Strauch - odd objects - bekitschig.blog Berlin
Objet trouvé Street Art Berlin be kitschig blog
Hundeparkplatz vor Supermarkt - dog parking - odd objects - bekitschig.blog Berlin
odd objects - bekitschig.blog Berlin  - Coke can n in tree - Coladose im Baum
odd objects - bekitschig.blog Berlin - Puppenkopf aus Velour - shop doll head mannequin
be kitschig blog Berlin  - Mütze im Baum - Well, I think it's a head
odd objects - bekitschig.blog Berlin - Roller überwachsen - scooter
Einsamer Handschuh  im Baum - lonely glove - Humboldthain Berlin - be kitschig blog Berlin

Did you have a favorite object today? Thanks for flying with be kitschig.

Happy Hump Day! We’ve got this

Once there was a bicycle


Little Big City Berlin

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15 thoughts on “Objects

    1. I’m sorry Kiki, if I will ever be graced with properly working internet I’ll put on something fun! To me, it’s an odd post, too. Some pictures never seem to fit in but I wanted to share them. True though, how carelessly people treat things and the world around them

      1. having said that, the blue glove on a tree stump WAS rather funny…. but I’ll stop there!

  1. The shot with the grocery cart is striking, but scary. An end of the world image. The dog hanging out of the dumpster, and the blue hand protruding from the tree, great shots, smile inducing.

    As a sign of the times, your shot of the discarded mask says it all. Would it be okay with you, if I reposted that image on my blog next Wednesday? With credits to you and your blog, of course.

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