Postcards from Berlin #25

Welcome to street art postcards from Berlin #25. This time around it is all about the tiny pieces. Enjoy!

Postcards from Berlin #25 glitter confetty after new year's eve --
First day of the year
streetart Liz Art Berlin - bekitschig blog
Liz Art
streetart by miss glueniverse - Berlin
Miss Glueniverse
Postcards from Berlin #25 No Skulling -
No Skulling
Death Bunny Army street art Berlin
Death Bunny Army
Tabloid Collage
Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin Mitte Hackescher Markt -
Kietzmiez 030
Please dispose of your masks properly - steinbockovich
Please dispose of your masks properly sticker
Ugly car stickers - bekitschig blog Berlin

Please don’t tell me car stickers are back en vogue.

Ostup Artist bekitschig blog
Dueppo & Ostup
Skull Strass Art - Totenkopf mit Strasssteinchen - streetart Berlin -
Skull Strass Art (super tiny)
Berliner Bär BSR Stillleben bekitschig blog
Berlin Bear (not so tiny)
street art Berlin press for peace
Press for Peace
Postcards from Berlin #25 Dollar Shop art a la Andy Warhol
Dollar Shop Art elevated
streetart Berlin Liz Art
Liz Art
The kids are alright
The kids are alright
street art from Verlin bekitschig blog
By Janise, Luca, Alice
street art postcards from Berlin #25 El Bocho Little Lucy and Cat
El Bocho goes 3D – That poor cat still suffers
So schön wie immer Mörenmops - Street Art Postcards from Berlin #25
Mörenmops – So schön wie immer & Face the Strange
street art postcards from Berlin #25 - Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin Hackescher Markt - Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you -
Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you

Postcards from Berlin #25 featured art from Berlin Wedding, Mitte and Pankow. Which one was your favorite picture this time?

Thanks for flying with being kitschy. Have a happy Hump Day!

Street Art of 2021

Street Art by El Bocho

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17 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #25

  1. Hmm – quite a collection you have here Jeanine and had you not translated the postcard about disposing the mask correctly, I thought the goat had been eating peanut butter and cheese crackers. 🙂 I do like the last postcard the best – great sentiment (“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”)

    1. Thank you Linda. It’s more fun when you get around the city a bit more but hey, the small pieces often don’t make it in the end, so why not?

    1. You might be right! If only they did something … I saw them a few years ago and now they seem to be back. Unfortunately I can’t name the artist … Press … now!

  2. As I scrolled down the list of pictures, that blue skull jumped out at me. Marvelous!
    Have to like the adorable bear, but that Press for Peace button wins the prize. If only peace was that easy to achieve 🙂

  3. You see a lot of Face The Strange paste-up stuff in London. You people are so cruel to lock up a teddy bear like that. Really how heartless!

    1. The teddy looked so sad! In the background you can see a huge carabge thing, so Teddy was pretty big. Odd thing, they could’ve just put him on the street for free + there’s a childcare just across the street … Teddy is probably on the dump right now 🙁

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