Stephen King Calling

After all these months of lockdown, what is the next logical step? You lock yourself in a hut in the woods just a bit more. All warning bells are ringing and far away I hear Stephen King calling. Fingers crossed I won’t end up like Johnny Depp, or more accurately, the other characters in that deal. What will happen four past midnight?

Whish me luck that my writing project will find all its loose ends and pieces here. Maybe by the time I’ll be back our new router actually arrived. Not to paint it black but when dealing with providers, you’re generally in for the long haul.

Stephen King Calling - - on writing alone in the woods

We’ve survived the first half of yet another Corona year. Let’s hope the second half will turn out a bit nicer.

Enjoy your summer! The rainy days, too.

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12 thoughts on “Stephen King Calling

  1. And YES, good luck and much succes with your writing – I’m sure it will be a triumph. With or w/o any Gartenzwerge šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I made huge progress but of course not as much as I wanted … No matter where you go, in the end you have to put in the work! (Garden gnome is the main figure. What do you expect?)

  2. oh darling, you’re reading the Bild Zeitung!? Really….? But then I’m not reading S. King either – I couldn’t sleep any more and already I’m not a good sleeper anyway šŸ˜‰

    1. Don’t worry, usually I would never ever! I also bought food you have to … urgh … prepare in a microwave! Crazy stuff. But I read the whole Bild front to back and while it was strangely entertaining, I’m a bit worried about people who only get their news from there …

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