The laptop is dead, long live the laptop

Just in case you have been noticing extra letters in posts and comments lately, my laptop had been performing the Dying Swan with a lot of expression. So here I am, laptop dead, while I had completely different plans for June.

Reading blogs on a phone is just not a lot of fun. In the meantime, I may dig out some posts that have been snoozing in the drafts.

The laptop is dead long live the laptop first world problems bekitschig blog

My all-time favorite laptop died a week after I handed in my Masterโ€™s thesis. (A week earlier and I probably would’ve had a decent nervous breakdown.) If that wasn’t good news already, it happened a few days before my warranty ran out and I ended up with a completely refurbished computer. Oh, good times …

This time around, it was probably for the better. To quote my better half, a notepad and a pen would’ve been more useful than that piece of … (Don’t buy cheap guys.)

Fingers crossed the new one and I will develop a good relationship.

Do you have any good dead laptop stories to share?

Have a productive rest of the week. If life lets you. Alles wird gut.

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16 thoughts on “The laptop is dead, long live the laptop

  1. I never had a laptop, but after the second time the Fusion Drive in my iMac died I decided I did not enjoy schlepping an unwieldy 27″ all-in-one computer to the Apple Store for repairs, so since then it’s been a Mac Mini and external monitor for me. If this Mini ever needs to be brought in, I can almost stick it in my pocket. Almost.

  2. I’m so glad you go in your thesis on time and it was still under warranty.. you are lucky!

    Computer break down stories. When I did my university entrance exams I wrote an essay that didn’t save on my computer due to a power outage….I just cried and cried it wasn’t good, but my teacher gave me an extension of half a day to do the whole thing over again!

  3. Have had all reliable HP’s– with only one scary snag. I accidently did a “restart” with a camera disk still inserted… and wound up getting stuck with a blue screen with various options– even after shutting down and restarting. Fortunately, a hacker friend used his personal software and expertise to remedy my panic.

  4. I think I could write a book on computer issues at work, but luckily my laptops, all HPs, have been faithful and hard workers. I had one issue when this laptop had a pop-up message (a legitimate one as it was a Microsoft phone number to contact) saying I was not running a bonafide copy of Microsoft Windows so I should use my boot disk and re-install it. I went and looked in my info for this laptop and had some brief instructions (manual online these days) and no disk. Did I lose it? I called Microsoft and they had to find the code on my computer to verify and wanted $50.00 to do so. My bank treated the Visa charge like a scam and would not permit the transaction. I have a whole post I wrote as I was so disgusted. The tech agreed the transaction would not happen and the did it for free. They located the code and the tech told me the manufacturer no longer sends out a boot disk like they used to – that was just a “nicety in the olden days.” SMH

  5. How annoying! My old thing is still lumbering on although some keys need bashing a few times before they leave a trace! Perhaps its a self-editing feature that might eventually catch-on haha

    1. Before mine gave up, I typed ghost letters. Something kept moving, you just couldn’t see it anymore … Aww, you know, since the router died this morning, it doesn’t really make a difference ๐Ÿฅณ

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