To Comma or Not To Comma

I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it.

Gustave Flaubert

You will also find this quote attributed to Oscar Wilde. You gotta love quoteinvestigator!

I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it Gustave Flaubert bekitschig blog

Have you ever felt like this?

How do you deal with your writing setbacks?

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. I wish you a wonderful start to your week. Make it productive! I’ve got some staring to do …

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16 thoughts on “To Comma or Not To Comma

  1. That’s funny about the comma and writer’s block. I am lucky for my blog as it is based on my walks so there’s no wondering what to write about though I do sneak in a general post, like Nick and the Cosmos, every so often. I admit I’d find it difficult to come up with a new topic on a regular basis and I know that is why some fellow bloggers drop off the map for weeks at a time. There was a fellow blogger who wrote every day, quirky kinds of things and that’s how she identified her blog, but a few medical issues in her family and she stopped that daily regimen and having stopped she wrote that she can’t get back into blogging now. I’ve got a stash of pictures but not enough time to churn out posts and when I do they are overly long. 🙂

    1. Can really relate to that! I’ve got a bit more on my plate than I can handle but I feel if I had a blogging break, I might never come back … It is just, you don’t just wanna write your content, you want to connect with other bloggers and read their stuff. Quality? Quantity? Sigh

      1. I know, the first four years, I had a handful of followers – neighbors, friends and only two commenters. Then someone “discovered” my blog in WordPress and I said “how did you find me here?” I had only shared the blog site with people I knew. No one from here in WP had ever commented or liked a single post. The person who “discovered” me has been on a blogging break now for about two years – I sent him a message on an old post to ask how he was and he says after years of blogging, he is enjoying his break and is not ready to come back for a long time. He had a ton of followers (thousands) so I don’t know how he did it.

  2. My biggest setback is getting interrupted a lot and then feeling too exhausted to write. This is especially frustrating when I have a lot of interesting ideas. Which is why my notes are all over the place: Three mobile devices, two cloud drives, a paper notebook, comma, comma, comma.
    😅 Academic writing is easy. Focus on the evidence. But for fiction, I have to rely on the goodwill of others, which is difficult because someone can say “I don’t get it” and that makes me want to hide my work.

    1. Oh I feel for you! Notes I have a lot; on many devices, preferably paper. This is why I am attending writing classes at the moment — you’d think that would help you! While the input is great, you get crushed here and there professionally and I am starting to understand that the only thing you can do is just do it. Eventually … Good luck with your projects!

      1. Thank you for the support. I am also guilty of procrastinating but I can call it “research”. I’m an expert at this. 🧐 😆 I agree with you … just write.

      2. It’s not always procrastinating… without boredom there is no creativity. There has to be time to just be
        (Yeah, I know this is silly with a hobby like blogging)

    1. Oh my … drawing is even worse! That’s why my tiny kids book is still in the stage of ‘almost’ finished since August now. Erm …

  3. So interesting, I’m reading a Penguin ‘mini’ booklet about Flaubert’s letters to his mother and friends of his journey to Egypt as a younger (28yrs old) man….. I read amongst other of course Mme Bovary (and viewed the film), the parrot and maybe others. I do NOT like him. He is too French, he is looking at everything as a ‘surrounding of his own navel gazing’, he was out to shock with his language, he is crude – and also bloody amazing as a writer…. I can see this quote absolutely – but it doesn’t mean I like him! I have enough respect for him to read him – but I DO wish I wouldn’t bother 😉

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