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A woman with good shoes is never ugly.

Coco Chanel

A Woman wih good shoes is never ugly Quote be kitschig blog

It’s yet another week in this year we call 2020, and I am probably not alone to look forward to January. Not like that’s gonna change much. Berlin is not the most exciting place on this planet at the moment and our numbers are rising steadily. While our partial lockdown basically means we all soldier on until we will be locked down properly, it’s getting already really, really boring.

This is a time to try to walk in someone elses shoes. The people who look forward to a big family Christmas, the people who live by themselves, the people who can hardly affort to pay for food or rent. Not to forget the people who got infected, not knowing the long-term consequences of it all.

Maybe dressing up on Friday is really not a silly idea after all. We somehow have to put the fun back into 2020. We started on our seasonal decoration. While it’s a bit early, it gives us something to do and at least Little One is excited.

What do you do to keep busy?

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Have a good start to your week!

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27 thoughts on “On Shoes

  1. I suspect Coco Chanel’s idea of good shoes and mine might not be the same. I just bought myself a pair of not particularly attractive but sturdy walking shoes. My daughter, on the other hand, just bought a pair of black high heels with a delicate ankle strap. I asked her where she was going to wear them to. The answer is nowhere, but they’re there in the cupboard, waiting for when she needs them. I’m quite happy sitting in the corner reading 24/7. Apart from which, sanity is overrated. *manic laughter*

    1. Ha ha, I have a pair of Paggy Bundy style heels with no support and they have been moving house with me for at least 10 years. While I never wear them, I am not ready to let go of them 😉
      Sanity. Overrated. For sure!

  2. Great post – hope you’ll keep safe, sane and healthy! Am busy decorating /painting walls and doors in our house – almost there now. Also walks in the park, and jigsaw puzzles!

  3. Without walks to get me out of the house and away from the scream of the headlines of either more post-election drama or the stunning stats from COVID, I know I’d surely lose my mind. At least it was Spring/Summer/Fall and now the shorter days, cold and snowy will creep in, making us hunker down even more. I don’t mind the cold (as to walking), but snow and ice not so much. The quote is great and there was another fun and similar quote about wearing red lipstick: “Never underestimate the power of red lipstick and high heels.” I can’t find who it is attributed to though.

    1. Hi Linda, I think this is why we started taking walkes (we’re masking it as squirrel watching). You have to get some steps in for sanity!
      I couldn’t find the qoute either; sounds like something from Devil wears Prada or something … I just can’t be bothered with all that make-up. Hey, not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s just not for everybody … but I’m sure it has great power 😉

      1. We do need to keep our sanity – it’s a tough world out there and not for sissies (and I think that is a quote from somewhere too). That quote might have come from that movie – I see very few movies but did see that one back in the day. Also, back in the day, I was so vain that I would not go out of the house in glasses (I wore contact lenses for years) … if I gave my eyes a break, I wore big dark sunglasses in case I ran into anyone and I’d give my face a break from makeup, so a double horror! Now, glasses and no makeup. I sure save time in the morning not applying it and then scrubbing it off!!

      2. Sometimes I put on a face for work. Not much make-up taking of these days as most of it ends in your face mask 😉 Maybe when you get older you lose some of that vanity or accept yoursefl more. (It’s probably for the better. My neighbour must be around 50 and looks like mutton dressed as lamb!)

      3. Ha ha -[ I love your description of your neighbor! I was horribly vain, I really was, but then suddenly I was not going into the workplace (where there was just my boss and I … we left a large law firm in early 2003 and went out on our own). I was at home, and thought “all this is a total waste of time” and I’ve gone the exact opposite now (not that is necessarily good but not cringe-worthy either).

      4. Nope, but I love learning new slang and other phrases from other countries. I think I may have mentioned before that when I use an old-fashioned term (usually one I used or heard back in the day), I always check “Urban Dictionary” to see if it has a double meaning – yikes, it often does!

  4. We have been mostly hunkering down at home and visiting a nearby park where there is lots of space and few people. It helps not feeling too isolated. Other than that I’ve been cooking and baking and watching birds. Unfortunately the hummers have left.
    But every morning when I wake up and before I fall asleep at night I am grateful for all that I have and that no one close to me has gotten infected. Watching the numbers rise more every day is scary. Most people seem pretty good about keeping their distance and wearing a mask. Those who don’t I avoid.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  5. I hope combat boots qualify as shoes. 🙂
    On a more serious note, there are so many people suffering from this pandemic it puts the usual complaints in stark perspective.

    1. They certainly qualify! I haven’t bothered with heels in a good decade …
      You are so right. It is good in a way. We all need to be grateful right now for what we do have. I’d feel more at ease if they were to close the schools. It feels like gambling every week.

  6. I try to put my earrings in my ears at least once a week. Seriously, getting a little bit dressy once in awhile, just to relax at home, seems like a good idea. I keep thinking that hopefully this will end or get a lot better in the next 4 to 6 months, and til then, the best thing I can do is try to live responsibly, stay home, wear a mask, etc. Best to you.

    1. Winter is not the greatest time to be all cheery in the first place, now add this current situation to it … I believe as well it will get easier and we can all play a part. Take care. Stay happy & healthy

  7. Great quote! You’re right to focus on what we have, not what we haven’t. Apart from travel and watching sport live, it’s been pretty much same old, same old.

    1. Thank you Sheree. The traveling and eating out is what gets to me and the (movie) theaters/concerts … We live a pretty modest life so it’s not too bad for us but it is really starting to get to people. I don’t know about you, but people around here seem to become more and more aggressive. It’s really time to look after each other!

      1. There was a huge protest in Nice at the weekend against confinement and mask wearing but where I live everyone appears to be following the rules.

      2. Here in Berlin it’s a bit spooky. There are many people from the South coming up for the protests and the city, broke as it is, has to pay for these douchebags … People are slowly going bonkers, too … Stay safe & healthy!

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