FIT by Low Bros

FIT – Freie Internationale Tankstelle – in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg got dressed up once again. This time Low Bros have done the job. What a difference some paint makes.

be kitschig blog Internationale Tankstelle dressed up again
Alaniz Mural at FIT Berlin
FIT - Freie Internationale Tanksstelle Berlin street art
Chewing gum ad? Anyone? Retro meets Urban Art at FIT - bekitschig blog Berlin

This little art hub/bar really used to be a gas station many moons ago. I really like the style of Low Bros; some mix of well-known retro references with a contemporary feel. Wait til that download is finished, Bro.

Low Bros Berlin at FIT - Freie Internationale Tankstelle in Berlin streetart
FIT Freie Tankstelle Low Bros Berlin bekitschig blog
I know life’s a bitch, but the struggle teaches, so don’t worry, we ain’t in a hurry

Sometimes we need to close a few windows. Do it sooner than later.

Murals in Berlin


Postcards from Berlin #22

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7 thoughts on “FIT by Low Bros

      1. A little afterthought by someone else. I cannot find your comment now as I think WP has buried it, but I took a look at that very large squirrel that you told me about … I found images of it and also a write-up on Wikipedia.
        That is just amazing and I’m not sure I’d want to cater to it and/or feed it. This woman at the Park where I walk is afraid of the squirrels. They run up to people all the time … they are friendly and think you may have food. I’m not the only one that feeds them. So last year she had a big branch and hit them (for no reason) … I told her they won’t hurt her and to back off doing that. This year she carries a golf club. No words for this.

      2. Now that is just wrong. Hopefully, Kharma is gonna catch up with her. Why doesn’t she walk on the local sports grounds in a circle if she is so scared? Maybe take a photo of her hitting the squirrels! Put her face all over the park, send it to the local newspaper, vegan caffe, animal rights people … Sorry, I’m getting carried away … She’ll probably just go to a different park.

      3. I agree with you Jeanine. I am angry about it … I told her last year when she used the branch “don’t hit them – they’re not going to hurt you!” Everyone else is amused by their antics, but no – she acts like a fool. We have another fool at that Park. There is an ordinance not to bring animals to the park – people still walk their dogs. This guy, for the last year, has this big furry dog – no breed I’ve seen before, but the size of a Shepherd. He has a cloth leash and lets it drop and drag on the floor and when he sees the geese says “sicc ’em” … the dog chases the geese, they fly up into the air nearly knocking into one another … really bad with the goslings as they have to leave them behind as they can’t fly yet. What an idiot. Both of them. The woman has made racist comments to me that “White people are stupid because they feed rodents.” I don’t touch that because I’m just not going there – I am more interested in the fact that she has a club ready to hit squirrels for no good reason. I like you could go on and on. A park’s furry and feathered critters belong there just as much as you do.

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