FIT by Low Bros

FIT – Freie Internationale Tankstelle – in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg got dressed up once again. This time Low Bros have done the job. What a difference some paint makes.

be kitschig blog Internationale Tankstelle dressed up again
Alaniz Mural at FIT Berlin
FIT - Freie Internationale Tanksstelle Berlin street art
Chewing gum ad? Anyone? Retro meets Urban Art at FIT - bekitschig blog Berlin

This little art hub/bar really used to be a gas station many moons ago. I really like the style of Low Bros; some mix of well-known retro references with a contemporary feel. Wait til that download is finished, Bro.

Low Bros Berlin at FIT - Freie Internationale Tankstelle in Berlin streetart
FIT Freie Tankstelle Low Bros Berlin bekitschig blog
I know life’s a bitch, but the struggle teaches, so don’t worry, we ain’t in a hurry

Sometimes we need to close a few windows. Do it sooner than later.

Murals in Berlin


Postcards from Berlin #22

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