Plant an Apple Tree

If I knew the world endet tomorrow, I’d still plant an apple tree today.

If I knew the world endet tomorrow, I'd still plant an apple tree today. Large Mural Greifswalder Straße Berlin street art Herakut 
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Wenn ich wüsste, dass die Welt morgen untergeht, würde ich heute einen Apfelbaum pflanzen.

If I knew the world endet tomorrow, I'd still plant an apple tree today. Mural be Herakut Street Art Berlin 
bekitschig blog

Large Mural by duo Herakut, Greifswalder Straße Berlin

Spring has sprung.

A time for hope and new beginnings!?

Well, happy Hump Day.

Stay healthy, happy and sane.

Murals in Berlin

Postcards from Berlin #26

Used Look by Herakut

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17 thoughts on “Plant an Apple Tree

  1. Wow – how appropriate right now. I saw that YouTube video … I’ve never heard that saying before, but I like it. Our neighbors had four kids and they planted a tree for each of them.

      1. Yes – any kindness right now seems emotional. I just watched a Twitter video where a woman was getting ready to leave her apartment in Kiev. The apartment was messy from bombing – shattered glass, etc. She lifted the piano key cover, sat down and played – so beautiful. Imagine the emotion, then she left.

      2. Seigh, I don’t know what to say to that.
        Let’s hope this won’t drag on too long. Too many people have suffered as it is.

      3. I agree Jeanine. Thanks to social media, we witness these events in real time and up close. Pictures of bombs going off as a reporter is giving a report – all very scary. I hope it is over soon. The world is too unsettled right now.

  2. Ach … na … dit is‘ ja „around the corner“ hier.
    Optisch finde ich es nicht so ansprechend, aber vielleicht sollte ich mal stehen bleiben, es wirken lassen und nicht nur dran vorbei hetzen

  3. Nice mural by Herakut. I always like their work (and once met them at an exposition here in Frankfurt, when they had just returned from painting and teaching at a refugee camp in Syria).
    And while I’m name-dropping, I have also met Malvina Reynolds, because she used to come and sing at the radio station where I was working in Berkeley in the 1960s.

    1. Now that is some rather nice name dropping 🙂 it’s always a treat to meet artists in real life. Especially the ones you like.
      It’s also fascinating how they talk about the degrees of separation!

  4. Do you know the Malvina Reynolds song, “If You Love Me”? “…and if you think you’ll love me for a long, long time, plant an apple tree.”

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