Take a Seat

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Life is just too hard … The Big Wine Bottle and Maslin Beach
Color block
Lucky cat
You cannot stand on one leg
Zu verschenken

Once There Was a Bicycle

Farewell TXL – So Long Tegel Airport

Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow

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12 thoughts on “Take a Seat

    1. Hi Linda, the planter is actually cute when there’s something in it. It is some new urban gardening project around the corner. As for the chairs, I think they are dreadful! They do make for a nice photo though. They might work in a contemporary cafe or something but than I’m still not sure if I sat on it??!

    1. Ha ha, yeah, they are … special! As luck had it, we never had enough time to actually go in to that shop. My wallet is thankful …

    1. Hi Crystal, I wouldn’t want to sit on them! Wonder what they look like after being out in some garden for a few years. Sad Mona Lisa …

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