Colors of Fall

Abandoned School and Library

The color of falling apart is probably orange, you know the 70s kind, with a nice green or grey patina.



Stadtbücherei geschlossen Berlin Wedding abandoned building


Steps to knowledge should not be covered


Berlin Wedding Achitecture 70s
Photo by Mark Zweck


School entrance abandoned building street photography


70s building lost in berlin


leere Schule in Berlin Wedding be kitschig blog


the way to education is not paved with gold


lost space Berlin Wedding be kitschig blog


door of abandoned school in Berlin


street photography berlin abandoned



7 thoughts on “Colors of Fall

  1. Years ago i returned home after being in the Military for 23 years and found my favorite childhood library looking just like that school. I actually cried standing there!

    1. Once this place gets developed, makes you wonder where those kids go to school or to the library. Robert, I believe I would’ve cried, too

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