Weekend Movie – Suburban Commando

Right Suburb. Wrong Planet.

Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) is an intergalactic warrior who fails to rescue the leader of a faraway planet, which leads to an involuntary holiday on planet earth. Even though Shep blew up the ship of evil General Suitor (William Ball), we cannot be sure if he is really dead… Like in Starman, alien Shep takes everything very literally. While he is trying to get his ship in working order, he encounters many awkward situations. He sends the mime that tries to “climb up” into nowhere flying and picks up a bench when he is told to “take a seat”. It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion

I hate suburbia.

Jenny (Shelley Duval) and Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd) offer Shep a roof over his head. Architect Charlie, who is somewhat on the weak side of things, works for sleazy Adrian Beltz. Posh Adrian is trying to impress a group of Japanese investors

Boy, when this guy shovels it, he uses both hands.

which leads to a great deal of cringing and fremdschämen. Before you know it, Charlie discovers Shep’s equipment, the activity of the freezer gun attracts bounty hunters from outer space and Charlie finds himself helping Shep to steal rare crystals from his boss Adrian to fix the spaceship. You know how it goes.

Now guess with me (Spoiler Alert)

When the bounty hunters are defeated, General Suitor, who survived the big blow up, deals with business himself. Dressed in a black cape, equipped with Shatneresque acting, he takes the Wilcox family hostage and we’ve got ourselves a show down.

(Suitor) This is pleasant! I’ve dreamed about this moment ever since you blew up my ship. I didn’t like that. How fitting than, that you’re death will be the catalyst that starts my rebuilding to ultimate power.

(Shep) So this is how you gonna do me in? By blowing me to death with speeches?

(Suitor) Ohh, unfortunately for you, you’re going to die much more painfully.

The self-destruct mechanism of Shep’s ship takes care of General Suitor, the Wilcox family is safe, and Charlie grew a pair of cojones and quits his job in style. Intergalactic hero Shep leaves earth with the space ship of the bounty hunters and a blond souvenir…

Why we love it: totally underrated early 90s family movie with great slapstick elements.

Recommended for: any Hulk Hogan fan, rainy Sundays, family movie night

Action, Sci-Fi, Family
New Line Cinema, 1991
Directed by Burt Kennedy
Produced by Howard Gottfried
Written by Frank Cappello
Hulk Hogan (Shep Ramsey)
Christopher Lloyd (Charlie Wilcox)
Larry Miller (Adrian Beltz)
William Ball (General Suitor)
Jo Ann Dearing (Margie Tanen)
Roy Dotrice (Zanuck)
Tony Longo (Knuckles)
Shelley Duvall (Jenny Wilcox)
Michael Faustino (Mark Wilcox)
Laura Mooney (Theresa Wilcox)