Things the World Might Not Need – Vegemite What?

In case you are still struggling with salted caramel or sea salt brownies, Cadbury is one step ahead of you. Check out the Australian innovation of the Century. You gotta be one tough Aussie to stomach this… If you would like to give this bar a try, you will very likely find it in the SALE section of your grocery store. No, really. This is what happens when you push your poor marketing team to come up with new ideas 24/7.



4 thoughts on “Things the World Might Not Need – Vegemite What?

  1. I know. Sweet and salty is an acquired taste. I grew up with it as normal as an American and love it. My English husband finds it repulsive. I am willing to give this a go actually, but it would be rather hard to find it in Chicago.

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