Things the World May Not Need – Unicorn Beer

Alright, we’ve already covered unicorns this week but I feel like this find deserves its own post. Admittedly, I only bought the 4 pack because my phone was flat but it gave me an opportunity to actually try this brew.

You really shouldn’t have

While the bottle is quite cute that’s about all that’s okay with this beverage. There’s some pretty strong German wheat beer coming your way mixed with some strange flavor that resembles something like Red Bull being peed back into a bottle. (I quote my better half on this one.) It certainly wouldn’t pass as alcopop.

be kitschig Unicorn Beer Einhorn Bier
If you do, why does it taste like this?


If you must, serve chilled. (Really, as cold as possible.)

Recommended for: Anyone who would like to cut down on drinking.

Dinge die die Welt nicht braucht Einhorn Bier

Enjoy responsibly and have a magical weekend!


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