Help! Am I a Hipster?

Oh, the Shame.

When you read things, you learn stuff. Generally that’s a pretty cool thing but recently I’ve stumbled upon something I wasn’t prepared for – a definition of Hipster. My head is spinning. What comes to mind are American Apparel, Berlinfestival, bicycles, men with beards, VICE Magazine. Lately hipsters have been spotted accessorizing with pallet furniture and small children in organic cotton. Thumb rule for 2015: scarf is out, man bun (mun) is in and we don’t want to have to deal with any of that.

Miss Marie

What do a vegan and a taxidermy fan have in common? They’re probably Hipsters.

Are we becoming what we used to make fun of? Generation X all groomed and grown up? Why do we look down upon them soo much in the first place? We’re all tolerant people, right? I am starting to wonder if Hipster is just a fashion trend. We can use ‘Bohemian’ and simply enjoy the 20’s. After all, things do look pretty in mason jars. What is so bad about hoping for social change, living green(er), supporting your local thrift stores and markets or wearing skinny jeans? Although, I much prefer Chinos, nicely folded up over a pair of moccasins. Boat shoes are a bit two years ago, aren’t they? Now, please excuse me while I’m looking for a dark corner to hide.


Handy Hipster Self-Ceck

1/10: You are safe. 2-4/10: It’s good to have principles. 5-8/10: Are your vibes still real man? 9/10: You’ve reached hipsterdom. 10/10: Congratulations, you are a talented marketing professional.

How did you go? Is there any hope for you?

17 thoughts on “Help! Am I a Hipster?

  1. Skrillex came to perform at a music festival over here, my friend explained his appearing on stage as provoking an “invasion of the hipsters” who emerged from the edges haha I still laugh every time when I think about it. Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  2. While I’m more of a country boy, I do like the writers of the beat generation; Jack Kerouac, Al Ginsberg. Howl still sends me over. I like your blog!

  3. We would argue that by that definition, our society is actually becoming increasing hippy, and when that happens, there would other alternative dress styles and lifestyles. That would give rise to the next generation of hipsters perhaps. So hippyness can be a very fluid concept.

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